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Our latest successful adoption: "Well - we finally made it home. We actually got here about 8:30, but have been busy get "Joe" settled in with his new 'brothers' and 'sister'. He's getting along GREAT with all. He did absolutely wonderful on the trip home. He was perfect in the truck! About the 3rd time we stopped he realized that we weren't going to dump him anywhere and was very comfortable getting in & out of the truck... ...I can't thank you both enough for bringing such a WONDERFUL baby into our lives. We love him so much. It feels like he's always been here - know what I mean? Some dogs just "fit" right away - and Joe is definitely one of them."

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A small rescue group dedicated to the rehabilitation/placement of, and education about Great Danes.

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Please call for appointment Directions from XX east or west: Located in the foothills, half an hour east of Sacramento, just off Hwy. 50.
B and B Dane Rescue
4330 Shorthorn

Rescue CA 95672
Phone: 530-677-4892
Email: xfields@pacbell.net
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