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If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, please fill out an adoption application first at http://www.kritterkamprescue.com/  Once approved, you can make an appointment to come in to meet our dogs and hopefully bring the new member of your family home with you! Due to our small staff and busy schedules, we are currently unable to offer walk-In service, so please call or email before coming!


Click the Adoption Application tab at the top of the page at http://www.kritterkamprescue.com/ to complete the application.  We will contact you within 24 hours after we have reviewed your application to set up an appointment.  If you do not hear from us within that time frame please call us at (916) 691-1364.  

Who We Are

Kritter Kamp Rescue was formed for the purpose of rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals and providing them with new adoptive homes. Kritter Kamp Rescue takes in animals of various species, breeds, sizes, ages and medical conditions, and we concentrate on saving as many animal lives as possible. Kritter Kamp Rescue cares for an average of 90 animals (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, etc.) at any given time. All animals are provided with proper medical treatment: shots, de-worming, neutering/ spaying and preventive medication. These costs are all covered through the receipt of donations, pet adoption fees and fundraising. The group is very careful to ensure that all adoptable animals go to the right homes. There is an application and screening process for potential adopters as part of the adoption process which is designed to protect the animals and also to ensure that each adoptive family ends up with the right pet for their family. We will always take back one of our adoptees should his/her adopter no longer be able to keep him/her for whatever reason. Finally, an important part of our rescue and adoption efforts is educating the public about the critical importance of spaying/neutering and vaccinating their animals, which is the only humane way to reduce the number of homeless animals.


We have successfully adopted out 54 rescues in the month of May. We are trying to double that number in the months to come. With your help have a greater chance of making rescues adoptable allowing us to save that many more shelter dogs on death row.

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