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Adopting A Friend

Umbrella of Hope is a non-profit animal rescue based out of Pittsburg, CA that rescues animals off death row from local shelters.


If you are interested in meeting any of our animals, please email our us at beourpet@gmail.com. Tell us a little about the home you would provide, your family, your current/previous pets, and include any questions you may have. Detailed emails with adoptions applications will be answered first. Please only serious inquiries.


We offer rebates up to $100 after completion of obedience classes. Also ask us about our Seniors for Seniors program, where we adopt animals 5 years or older to people 55+ for a minimum $5 adoption donation. Adoptions to discharged/retired Military Veterans are always FREE. 

Who We Are

Umbrella of Hope is a non-profit animal rescue group and relies on donations, public support, and community volunteers. We are located in the California East Bay Area and believe in providing low cost vaccines, low cost spay and neuter, and animal behavior support. Umbrella of Hope collaborates with other rescue groups and animal shelters to help find adoptable animals homes.


Umbrella of Hope exists to rescue, rehibilitate, and rehome animals from shelter situations with a focus on East Contra Costa County, California. Our goal is to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals through increased adoptions of those animals already born. Help increase public safety by reducing the number of strays and feral animals through population control who might carry disease or pose other dangers to the community. Provide resources to pet owners to enable them to be responsible forever guardians of their companion animals. To increase public awareness of homeless pets, encourage spay and neuter of companion animals, and promote adoption for the acquisition of family pets.


Tax ID# 45-4103375

Come Visit Us

We do not have a physical shelter location. All our rescue animals reside in foster homes. However, we often hold adoption events around the Bay Area once a month.


Please visit http://www.beourpet.org/adoptions.php to learn about our next event.


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