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Please email adoptions@savingk9livesplus.org for an application for adoption. To contact our adoption partners: info@savingk9livesplus.org

 All applications will be reviewed for each individual dog.  After the application is approved, a meeting will be set up to meet the rescue dog.  Finally a homecheck will be done to make sure the rescue dog will be save in his/her new foreverhome!  All donations go back into Saving K9 Lives Plus, Inc 501c3 non profit animal rescue.

Who We Are

Saving K9 Lives Plus is a small organization helping foster rescues find homes for their rescued shelter canines.  Please visit us at  www.savingk9livesplus.org  OR www.savingk9lives.com

We are in development as a reality dog rescue TV show and setting up Saving K9 Lives Plus 501c3 Non Profit.  Please contact adoptions@savingk9livesplus.org for more information.

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