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Who We Are

Applause Animal Rescue was established in 2009, by co-founders Mark Anthony Aros and Art Siegrist, Jr. Our first goal is to place pets in a new permanent home before they must be given up by their loved one to a shelter or organization. Our families particularly value our approach to making the transition for their loved pet as smooth as possible. We conduct extensive screenings and personalized attention to each of our pets, ensuring a smooth and happy transition into their new home.

All of our pets have been given love and shelter and a little time to heal from their experience. Now they are closer to being in a responsible, loving permanent home.

Think about adopting a friend

Think about opening your heart to a homeless animal. You will get so much more in return, including limitless love and affection! The next step is to fill out an adoption questionairre. You can download an application from our website, and once it is received, we will review it, to see if this is the right pet for you and your family. When you have filled out an application, then you can call and make an appointment to see our adoptable pets! 562-428-7524
P.O.Box 2811
Long Beach, CA 90801
Phone: 562-428-7524
Fax: 562-428-7524
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