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Meet Felicity!

One of the tough things about cat rescue is that we all have a few young kitties who for some unknown reason have been passed over time and time again. Felicity (shown above) is one such girl. She's a real character who has great lap cat potential in the right home! Please call 415-517-1526 to schedule a visit with her.

Who We Are

Katydid Cat Rescue is a private collaboration whose mission is to remove friendly strays and socializable kittens from the streets that are caught during our TNR efforts (TNR stands for "Trap Neuter Return" - please Google for more info). When it comes to managing the thousands of unfixed/stray/feral cats that roam and procreate throughout the Bay Area and beyond, TNR has been proven as the most effective and humane method. Every day, tens of thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized unnecessarily at shelters nationwide because of pet overpopulation. This travesty was caused by and continues because of irresponsible pet owners who neglected to spay/neuter their animals. Don't be one of them!

ALL of our adoptable cats are rescued from neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area, but primarily along the peninsula. Cats are trapped, fixed, and returned, or fostered for adoption depending on their ability to be socialized. In particular, Katydid Cat Rescue specializes in socializing feral kittens. They come to us terrified of humans and some remain shy, but we do our best to find them appropriate homes and get them off the streets. While we wish we could solve this interminable problem once and for all, we are doing our part to reverse this sad state of affairs. YOU as a conscientious adopter, can complete the cycle by adopting a rescued or shelter animal, instead of a "bred" animal sold for profit by a pet store or breeder.

Adopting a friend

The right placement is of the utmost importance! Trial basis adoptions are encouraged. We will work with you until you have found the kitty that was meant to be yours.

All of our cats and kittens are healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed, free of fleas and litter box trained. There is a $60 per cat/$100 per pair adoption fee which recoups only a portion of the cats' processing and care. Discounts are available for seniors on a limited budget.

Please bear in mind that we only consider homes that we deem to be a stable and forever placement. If your living situation is temporary, you are in between homes, or are unsure whether your next living situation will permit pets, please reconsider adopting until you can be certain your living arrangement is stable. We are also wary of adopting out to homes where anyone has an allergy to pets, as this has led to many failed adoptions.

Veterinary care does not come cheap! Potential adopters must be aware of the financial burden that adopting a pet entails. If your cat becomes ill, you must be willing and able to provide veterinary care in addition to routine vet check-ups. If your financial situation is too tight, please think of the welfare of the animals and hold off on adoption.

Most of our cats prefer the company of other felines. We prefer to adopt cats out in pairs of the same sex and temperament. These cats can be adopted individually if you already have a cat companion living in your home. Otherwise, we occasionally have cats available that prefer to be "only" cats. As rescues, many of these cats were caught and socialized late, therefore they can be somewhat shy and stressed in hectic environments. Homes with multiple humans and especially small children (who make sudden movements and loud noises) might not be suitable for some of our shy kitties; however, an active household can be exactly what our super social kitties need! Please call to discuss your situation so we can recommend the right cat(s) for you.

Come Visit Us!

Please call 415-517-1526 to discuss the adoption process. Once we have determined that your home is potentially suitable for one of our kitties, we will set up a time for you to visit our foster home. Thank you for considering a rescued cat!
Katydid Cat Rescue

San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: 415-517-1526

Email: katydidcatrescue@gmail.com
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