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PLEASE COME VISIT US =^..^=. We're doing adoptions at Unleashed by Petco on Spring Street (and Palo Verde) in Long Beach, Saturdays 12-4.
NOTE: November 2015: Although I would like to be able to help every kitty out there, I have to set limits since I do this out of my home. I'm sorry. I am not currently accepting cats or kittens. However, I'd like to help if I can, so you may email me for a list of possible other places to check with: Please DO try to place them, instead of taking them to SEACCA or the LB Animal Shelter. As far as I know, they have a 72-hour hold now instead of 6 days due to shelter budget cuts. No matter the age of the animal, the euthanasia rate is very, very high. Thank you and I truly hope your babies find a safe place.

Who We Are

Welcome to Making Biscuits Cat Rescue. I started humanely trapping local cats in June 2009. Two of them were pregnant. With one of them, it was obvious. The other, I didn't know until she was giving birth. I was also given a box of 6, 4-day old kittens whose mother hadn't come back for them. Needless to say, I'd been deeply launched into my first experience with foster mommyhood. I just want what's best for these guys—good homes, good food and clean water, routine veterinary/dental care and lots of love and attention. As with all pets, they deserve it. These cats and kittens live in a (clean) home until they're adopted, however long that takes. They have loads of toys to play with, not to mention, each other. I work at home, so I've coddled each and every one of them. Please spay and neuter your pets, and thanks for checking us out.

How the Adoption Process Works

If you see a kitty you're interested in meeting, please email me to be sure they're still available. We'll set a time for introductions inside one of our adoption locations. When you come to meet the cat(s) you can fill out an application or I'll email you one in advance. I'll let you know then if it's good and if you fall in love with our kitties, then we'll set an appointment for a few days later for a home visit. If it's a good match for you and kitty, I'll arrange another appointment for delivery of your new family member! Everyone gets an Adoption Kit loaded with great (and really important info.), medical records, food from our cats current diet for a couple days and a big bag of toys and healthy whole-meat treats!!,

Adoption is $120. Two cats/kittens $180. This is all non-profit. The cost of adoption comes nowhere near the amount it costs to raise these babies. It includes spaying/neutering, defleaing, deworming, testing for FIV/Felv, microchipping and vaccinations. If you adopt them before the age of 1 year, they will need an annual booster vaccination from your veterinarian at age 1, and every 3rd year after, as well as one annual dental cleaning (February is best as it's dental health month for pets and many places offer specials).

Before you go through the process of filling out the application, there are a few things you should know. If you do not already have a cat/kitten/dog, unless otherwise noted, I prefer most of my cats/kittens be adopted in pairs. They do better with a companion. After all, cats live in colonies in the outdoors. They groom each other, play, eat and sleep together. Especially if you're gone all day at work. These guys have been raised on premium cat food, mostly canned, some dry. I'd feed them raw if I could. You will be required (on contract) to feed your new family member(s) one of the foods suggested from the long list provided. I have done a ton of research on manufactured pet foods. More people need to be made aware of the ingredients and they're meanings, and I'm doing my best to make sure that happens and keep these babies from disease and illness in the long run. Proper diet/nutrition is a preventative. Most pet parents only realize that after its too late. You should know too, that I do make home visits to check in on the kitties. It's very important to me that they be adjusting to their new home environment.

If at any time you are unable to continue to care for your pet due to unforeseen circumstances, you MUST call me. Either I will take them back, or we'll discuss making arrangements for someone else to foster them until they can be properly rehomed. I feel that I am responsible for each and every one of my kitties for the rest of their lives. That could mean 15 years from now I'll still figure out a way to help you and them. If they need a new home, I can make sure they find a new one safely through the adoption process. It's important that I always keep track of where they are and in who's care. I am always available for questions or concerns on any subject regarding my adopted kitties whether it be food choices, vet choices, kitty goes missing (there are things to be done immediately and I can provide you with all that information as well as helping with a search), health questions, where to find boarding or petsitter, etc. No matter the circumstances: for example if you have a balcony and kitty has fallen off and disappeared, CALL ME. I not only want to know what's going on, I am more than willing to help however I can. For this reason, I do kindly ask that adopters occasionally send a quick email or post on FB, text or email a pic now and then to stay in touch. I sleep better that way because it helps me know I've made the right choice in you, for them!

I reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone. Please be aware that I'm looking for people who meet certain criteria only for the kittens/cats well-being. I truly just want what's best for them, as I've worked hard to make sure they are healthy, loved, mentally stimulated, clean and well-fed up to the point of their adoption. They deserve the best. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

As of June 2010, Making Biscuits is a registered 501c3 organization.

Making Biscuits Cat Rescue
2201 N. Lakewood Blvd.
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