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Our sponsorship program has been helping and we just want to say thank you to our supporters. It is very difficult here in Kern County to find homes for our adoptable cats because our area is saturated with cats. Many people who live here have several cats already so by sponsoring a cat you get to be informed of when they are adopted, and know that you have helped a homeless cat in Kern County. Sign up for our online newsletter, It is free.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3. We are new, and our rescue program is a small part of what we do. Our future goals are to raise funding to assist with the spay/neuter of feral cats in addtion to rescue. If you are not familar with Kern County we are located two hours north of LA in the central valley region of California. Our cat over population is severe. Many people have feral cat colonies in their own backyard that they are feeding without taking the extra step to spay/neuter. Most people use the excuse that the cats don't belong to them because they only feed them. Most of these colonies are anywhare from 10-80 cats. Soon people are in over their heads with cats. It is our Mission to do something about our county's overpopulation issue instead of simply tryng to do rescue. We may be a new non-profit, but our members have a combined experience of 35+ years. If you cannot adopt one of our cats or kittens you can sponsor one which will help with the expense of our medical bills. The next time we have to make a decision as to whether or not we can take on a mom cat and her kittens depends on the donations we receive. You can make a difference today. You can be the reason why we are able to say yes to the next mom cat and kittens in need when our phone rings and someone says a cat was dumped in thier neighborhood and it had kittens. Today could be the day we make the trip to take those kittens into our program or today could be another day of saying "no" because we don't have the funds.------OUT OF TOWN RESCUES IF YOU HAVE ROOM FOR KITTENS PLEASE CONTACT KONNIELLEN@YAHOO.COM------- Due to our lack of spay/neuter laws Kern County is in dire straights with one of the highest kill rates in the United States. Tens of thousands of kittens will be born this spring and our local rescues are just "tapped out."-------------

Adopting a friend

You will need to fill out an application for adoption approval, and be interviewed. If you are approved for adoption you will also need to purchase or bring a carrier for your new cat or a collar and leash for your new dog. When one cat is adopted two lives are saved.

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Every Saturday from 12-4pm at the Petsmart on Oswell..............................2661 Oswell Volunteers needed, must be at least 18........................................................If you don't see a particular cat on in our program you can also see what cats are availiable for adoption at Kern County Animal Control at 201 South Mt Vernon take a look at this link.

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