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Who We Are

Yorkies & Friends Rescue is a natural/holistic rescue in Orange County, CA. We're a licensed, private, small, all volunteer, not-for-profit rescue in Orange County, CA. We've been rescuing dogs for over 15 years, and have owned Yorkies since 1976. We assist Yorkies, Yorkie mixes and small dogs in So. CA. Our group is passionately dedicated to rescuing these terrific terriers and their friends. We rescue dogs from shelters, and take in other dogs in need. Some are strays whose owners cannot be located, some are abandoned, some are puppy mill dogs, and some are surrendered to us by their owners. Our goal is to make the best match possible for each dog and to provide them with an outstanding, highest quality, forever home. We believe strongly in natural care, optimal nutrition, and health for all animals. It's made a tremendous difference for our dogs and saved us a ton of money on vet expenses. We're happy to share information on this. You'll find some of it on our website - yorkiesandfriendsrescue.org. We use and recommend homeopathic vets. They've been able to cure diseases and even vaccine damage in our dogs. We're a quality rescue, with a personal touch and an emphasis first and foremost on the health and welfare of the dogs. Our dogs receive the best possible care and are provided with all that's necessary to make them healthy and happy. Most of our dogs are fed an organic, raw meat and bones diet - the ONLY correct diet for dogs. We also use natural/homeopathic remedies & natural flea/tick/parasite treatments. We're opposed to vaccinations because there is NO wellness after an animal has been vaccinated. We agree with homeopathic and naturopathic vets, immunologists, and other animal experts that poor nutrition and vaccination have resulted in the poor health, shortened lifespan, birth defects, and damaged DNA and immune systems so prevalent in animals today. Prior to commercially-made pet foods and the vaccination protocol, small dogs lived to be 20-29 years old; they also didn't have all the health problems common today. Half of dogs die from cancer - obviously, something is very, very wrong with the way dogs are routinely being raised. Our rescued dogs are fostered in our homes with our own animals, and are provided with a safe, clean environment, beds and blankets, the best food, top notch veterinary care, toys, treats and most of all, plenty of TLC. We take in as many dogs as we feel we can provide with individual attention, on a daily basis. We feel it's important to know the personalities and habits of our foster dogs, so that we can find them the best possible homes. For this reason, we don't immediately post our available dogs online. We want the right home for each dog, not the first available. DONATIONS are always needed and we're VERY grateful for them. The money is used to help offset the many costs involved in restoring dogs to health, and all that's necessary to rescue them (piddle pads, leashes, harnesses, collars, food, homeopathic remedies, natural flea/parasite treatment, veterinary care, crates, etc.). Funds are used only for the benefit of the dogs; no one involved with our rescue receives any pay. We're strictly all volunteers. Please use the PayPal "donate" button below to send a donation for the dogs. They thank you with a big "4 paws up!"

Adopting a friend

Our adoption process begins when we receive a completed adoption application. We review the completed application and contact the applicant. Those who are believed to be a good match and a high quality home for the dog will have a phone interview with a member of our Rescue. We're very particular about the homes we select for our dogs. A veterinary reference and 3 personal references are required. All references are checked, then an in-person interview/meeting takes place. A home visit is then conducted, and the approved applicant meets the dog. We do not adopt to the first applicant but select the home we believe is right for each dog. Any "good home" is not what we're about; we want the correct permanent placement for our dogs where they will have optimal health and the longest life possible. This only comes from natural pet rearing - no more vaccines, chemicals, drugs and toxins; feeding the only correct diet of raw meat and bones. Our adoption donations range from $200 to $850 depending on the individual dog. Once a dog is adopted, the new owners have a 4 week trial period to determine if the dog is indeed a match for their family. If the dog is not a match, the dog must be returned to us and we return all but $50 (to offset adoption expenses) of the adoption donation. We have written, legally binding contracts with all who adopt a dog from us. Prior to adoption, all Yorkies & Friends dogs have at least 1 vet exam, are spayed or neutered, dewormed, groomed, naturally treated for fleas/ticks/parasites, and receive dentals from our vet (unless they're very young puppies or have recently had a dental). We no longer microchip the dogs after 2 of them developed cancer around the chip; other problems are also caused by the microchips. Shelter dogs are microchipped while there. We do have adoption guidelines, however our adoption committee will consider an applicant who does not typically fall within these guidelines. We understand that each applicant and each dog is an individual, and our goal is to find the best possible home and match. Our adoption guidelines are as follows: we do not typically adopt dogs to individuals under 25 yrs of age, or to families with children under 12 yrs of age (this includes young couples or single people who plan to have children during the lifetime of the dog). We do not typically place dogs with anyone who is renting their residence. Our adoption restrictions have developed over time, and are a result of many years of working with rescue dogs. We also researched the national dog bite statistics involving children and dogs. We simply do not know the history of most of our dogs, and we feel it's irresponsible to put our rescue dogs and young children at risk of becoming the victims of an unfortunate incident. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt from us. Individuals under the age of 25 are often unable to provide a stable home for a rescue dog considering all of the life changes they will typically experience, such as - residence changes, career and relationship changes, all of which are situations where a pet can easily become an issue. We're contacted regularly by people who desperately want to surrender their dogs to us because they rent, are moving and cannot take their dog with them to their new residence, or by people in relationships where the dog has become an issue, or by people who have a dog that is not getting along with their new baby. Thousands of dogs are euthanized in California shelters monthly due to circumstances like these. Most of our rescue dogs have been through so much already. Our goal is to find them the highest quality permanent homes that are the very best match, where they can live out the rest of their lives being properly cared for, spoiled and loved.

Want to Help?

DONATIONS are always needed and we're VERY grateful for them. The money is used to help offset the many costs involved in restoring dogs to optimal health, and all that is necessary to rescue them (piddle pads, leashes, harnesses, collars, food, flea treatment, veterinary care, etc.). Funds are used only for the benefit of the dogs; no one involved with our rescue receives any pay. We are all volunteers. Please use the PayPal "donate" button above to send a donation for the dogs. They thank you with a big "4 paws up!"

Come Visit Us!

We foster the dogs in our own homes and we're located in Orange County, Southern California. Since we don't have a single location, visiting all our dogs isn't feasible. People who are approved to adopt from us will meet the dog(s) they are interested in adopting once they've completed our application process. When our new rescue dogs are ready to be adopted, they're listed here on Petfinder. Email us at 1yorkiesrescue@gmail.com with any questions.

Yorkies & Friends Rescue
website: http://yorkiesandfriendsrescue.com/

Orange, CA 92867

Email: 1yorkiesrescue@gmail.com
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