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Helen's Animal Rescue Team (HART)

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Helen's Animal Rescue Team (HART), is not-for-profit charitable organization which has been been in in operation in the Sacramento, California area since 2000. During that time HART has found homes for over 600 cats and has significantly decreased the number of unwanted pregnancies among nearby feral cat colonies. HART has spayed & neutered almost 6,000 cats since it began. HART does not have a shelter facility. We work within the feral cat colonies themselves, and do foster care in private homes until cats are adopted. **IF YOU HAVE A CAT THAT YOU NEED TO SURRENDER OR FIND A HOME FOR, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL, SPCA OR HUMANE SOCIETY. WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY AND CANNOT TAKE ANY CATS OR OTHER ANIMALS FROM YOU.

Great Info to Know

Did you know that keeping a cat as an indoor-only pet has many benefits over letting them go outside? The cat may want to go out, but it is easy to get them adjusted to living indoors full time. Indoor cats are safer; they can't get into fights, get hit by cars, or catch diseases from other outside animals. Indoor-only pet owners don't have to worry about locating the cat, being legally liable if the cat scratches or bites someone outside or getting a house full of fleas. And keeping a pet indoors means saving a LOT of money on vet bills.

Adopting a friend

In order to help cover some of our costs for food and medical care, an adoption fee of $40 normally applies. For details, please contact Val by phone or text at 916-730-7814 or Barbara by phone at 916-457-8011 or email
Helen's Animal Rescue Team (HART)

Sacramento , CA 95819
Phone: 916-730-7814 or 916-457-8011
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