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Puppy Luv fosters and finds permanent homes for homeless dogs rescued from local animal shelters. Our mission is to provide each dog with one on one attention in a clean, safe and healthy living environment. While awaiting their forever home, our rescue dogs become a member of our private foster home family and are showered with the love and nurturing they deserve. During their initial stay, we provide our rescue dogs with all the necessary medical care, deworming, socialization, and grooming. Additionally, we will observe and evaluate the dog’s personality, so that placement with the right family is accomplished and permanent. We strive to provide adoptive parents with an efficient biography and temperament history in efforts to help them select the dog that best fits their living situation.

As a one-doggy-at-a-time rescue, we are too small and too young of an organization to have yet established our non-profit status, but do have a goal of future registration.


We are an all breed rescue focusing on smaller/apartment size dogs for those of us restricted to a landlord's weight limits.

Adopting a friend

There is an adoption application (Puppy Luv approval required) and fee associated with each placement. This adoption fee is necessary to ensure continued rescuing efforts and quality care for the dogs while in our foster home.


I have put together a beautiful collaboration of photographs on canvas as a fundraiser for our rescue. Pictures include: Niagara Falls; New York City; Wyoming; Canada; Mount (Mt) Rushmore; Yellowstone Old Faithful; downtown Detroit; Iwo Jima Memorial Virginia; Zebras; Elk; and Peacocks. If you are interested in supporting our rescue by purchasing a photograph, please send me an email.

Puppy Luv Rescue & Rehoming

Email: PuppyLuv_RR@yahoo.com
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