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Our Featured Pet...

Timmie is a delightful dog that was obviously once loved (well, we love him too, but his previous home must have loved him as he is a nice dog).

Timmie likes to play with the other doggies here and is not aggressive to other dogs. He ignores our rescue cats.

This would make a fabulous dog for a single person or adult couple that really enjoys doting on and training their dog. If you travel a lot and take your dog with you, this doggie would be perfect. He is well mannered, has made few mistakes in the house (all new dogs make boo-boos!), is quiet, and is crate trained. He really enjoys sitting with you when you are relaxing and going for walks.

Timmie is about 5 years of age (more or less), and weighs about 9 lbs. He is a super neat doggie.


Who We Are

The areas which our group covers: Southern Los Angeles County, Orange County, Eastern Riverside and Northern San Diego Counties, CA. We do NOT ship or adopt out of state.

Please note that as we are in a burn area from the recent fires, we are frequently evacuated during rains. Please bare with us during these times. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are a small private rescue organization operated by volunteers. Most of our rescue animals, cats and dogs, are from local shelters though occasionally we will take owner turn-in animals as we have space.

All of our rescue animals are fully vetted: spayed/neutered, vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and loved. All veterinary records are passed onto the new companion family. We do not adopt out ANY unspayed/unneutered companion animals. Companion animals that have on-going veterinary issues may, however, be fostered and when the companion animal is finally able to be spayed/neutered, and the procedure has been completed, we then can finalize an adoption.

Many animals from shelters need veterinary care, so fostering is a GREAT way to help our rescue AND help a companion animal you may be interested in adopting. We cover all veterinary expenses and have a foster contract so obligations are made quite clear.

Adopting a friend

Adding a canine or feline family member is a very serious decision and we do not take it lightly and hope you do not take it lightly either! It is a BIG decision and one to be made carefully. It is a decision not to be rushed or made quickly. So if you are wanting to get a companion animal very quickly or on impulse, we are not the rescue for you! We are not interested in numbers of adopted companion animals, rather we are interested in seeing that every companion animal is matched correctly and placed properly. As an adopter, that should be your priority as well!

Sadly, shelters are jammed with animals and each animal represents the bad decision making of a human being (failure to spay or neuter, failure to train, insisting on the wrong breed for your family for the wrong reasons, failure to make a life-long commitment, etc.).

Here at For Pete's Sake! Rescue we are focused on making only good decisions; decisions that will guarantee you, the adoptor, a wonderful life-long companion, and for the adpotee, a life time of love, proper veterinary care and security. We are always there for you for the lifetime of the dog or cat if you need advice or help.

Should sudden, unforseen circumstance arise, we commit to welcoming back your adopted companion animal into our rescue. This is true for the duration of its life. This stipulation is clearly spelled out in our adoption contract.

Our adoption fees vary with each animal but dogs are generally $200.00-$250.00, and cats are $100-$125. We require an adoption application, telephone interview, home visit, contract and after visit if necessary. All of these things are to ensure that our rescues are placed properly in a safe environment. We take rescue very seriously and hope that you take adoption seriously too!

Come Visit Us!

We are hoping to again show our dogs at a local PetSmart in Irvine. Due to the fires and floods, we are waiting until the weather is more stable to resume this activity.

In the meantime, we are showing by appointment only and only after an application is completed and the telephone interview is complete. Please contact us for an application at:

For Pete's Sake! Rescue
PO Box 771

Silverado, CA 92676

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