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Spunky's is working hard on getting our Movie Ranch Location and prop rentals up and going to help support/defray the costs of animal rescue.  Located in the hills above Malibu on ten acres, we have western and rustic sets, and hundreds of props.  Pictures available upon request.  All of our animals are available to participate, as well.

Adopting A Friend

  We have cats of all breeds, mixes, sizes, colors and personalities.  When contacting us for a possible adoption, we request as much information about you, your home and family, and what you are looking for in a cat.  The more information about you that you can give us, the better.

 We delight in being able to match people up with the perfect companion, and we  spend a great deal of time observing the animals to determine their likes, dislikes, needs and other personality issues.  We make a promise to the animals who come here that they will never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, that they will never be returned to a shelter or go back out on the street.

  We are particularly sensitive to the plight of horses today being at risk of going to slaughter-houses.  Some of our horses have been rescued from that specific risk, and we have made a commitment that no horse rescued by us will ever be at risk to be slaughtered.

  We have an adoption agreement, on all of our animals and part of this agreement is a promise that we will take any animal back, no matter how much time has passed since the adoption, and no matter what reason.  We want the animal to be happy and content, and we want the adopter to feel the same way.

   Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a cat (or horse) is not a good match.  Or, sometimes, beyond anyone's control, an adopter's home circumstances change and they are no longer able to keep and care for an animal.  Accordingly, we will always take one of our adopted animals back, any time, for any reason, no matter how much time has passed since its adoption.

 Like any shelter, we cannot guarantee the health or health history of these animals.  While each of them has seen a vet, there could still be an underlying condition which is not evident or obvious.  If an adopted animal develops any sort of medical condition or behavioral issue, we will take the animal back.

People ask about the difference between adopting from a public shelter and rescue.  Public shelters are tax payer supported.  The employees are employees of cities, counties or the state.  Many are able to afford an on-site vet.  While all shelters are not alike, generally, an animal is taken in, given a brief exam, maybe a vaccination, and then placed in a small cage for a specific amount of time.  Sadly, a majority of shelters only keep an animal for 72 hours, at which time, depending on cage space, the animal may be euthanized.  Most shelters are given sizable donations from large food manufacturers of animal feed.  The fact that these are public facilities allows for small adoption fees.

Rescue, on the other hand, is privately supported, usually out of the pocket of the person(s) operating the rescue, and supplemented by donations such as the adoption fee, and the occassional larger donation.  Rescues pay for all veterinary costs out of their own pocket, and while many private vets try to help by offering a discount, the costs are still significant.  Adoption donations are generally higher as compared to a public shelter.

If you are using the adoption fee to dictate your choice in animals, please go to a public shelter.  The fees are much lower, and almost all if not all are at immediate risk of euthanasia.  The advantage to coming to a rescue is  that the animal has been fostered in someone's home, personalities are observed, and we try very hard to match people to an animal.  Additionally, if the animal does not work out, we take it back and try to find a more suitable pet.  We never euthanize animals for cage space.  (If an animal is euthanized, its because the vet recommends it for medical reasons.)

However, the costs to operate a rescue are not supported by tax payer dollars, and the are generally higher than what a public institution must pay.  Our love for animals is what drives us to make this huge committment to animals.

Who We Are

   Spunky's Rescue Ranch is not just a rescue, but also a sanctuary for rescued and surrendered animals (primarily cats, but horses, too) who might not be adoptable.  We provide them with a home, good nutrition, necessary veterinary care, and love and attention.  Those who are able to be adopted out are found their "forever homes", but some, due to medical or behavioral issues are not adoptable, and are welcome to spend the rest of their days here.

  Some of our cats are "special needs", based on a variety of issues.  For example, we sometime have blind cats and deaf cats, which require a somewhat different commitment by an adopter.  We have cats who have been abused, either physically or emotionally.  We have cats who were abandoned and need to feel love before they will trust a human being again.  

  All of the horses here came in as "special need" cases.  Some are on a special diet, most have been injured prior to their arrival, in one way or another.  One was beaten and now has tremendous trust issues.

  We believe in good nutrition and the cats are provided with a high-protein, no grain dry food, which is"free fed".  They are also provided with wet food twice a day, and often given raw meat, and fresh eggs from our "rescued" free-range chickens.  One of our volunteers brings chicken soup for them on a weekly basis.

  We use a natural, biodegradable corn based litter in the cat boxes.  Its actually lay chicken feed, and is far preferable to any clay litter.  

  We are a not-for-profit charitable organization, and 100% of all donations and adoption fees go back into the care of the cats.  We greatly appreciate any donations above and beyond the adoption fees and can provide a receipt upon request.  We cannot accept credit cards. We can accept Paypal, cash and personal checks.    

  We encourage persons interested in volunteering with us to come and spend time with the animals, or, if their interests or skills are in other areas which might help the animals, such as crafts (making cat beds and toys); light carpentry (shelves and boxes for beds, re-carpeting the cat trees and condos); gardening (the cats love to help), grooming cats and horses; and other ideas (ask - we're open to new things to benefit the animals.)

  We also participate in educational events for children, teens and anyone else interested in animals.


Come Visit Us

    All visits are by appointment and invitation.  

    Spunky's is a rustic ranch, with a large barn which was insulated, with doors and windows added, including an isolation room for those animals who need such a space, and an even larger fully enclosed (fenced and netted) outside garden play area.  

The cats enjoy several trees to climb, garden areas to explore, sleep and hide in, treehouses, and multiple water features to entertain and provide an enticement to drinking plenty of fresh water.   We have three swings, which are available for humans to sit on (only if the cats are willing to share) when visiting the cats.  There is a large sand latrine, with an enclosed walkway to permit the cats to access it during inclement weather.  

   Inside, there are plenty of "cat condos", high shelving for those so inclined to get above it all, many different types of kitty beds, and windows with more beds, views to the outside, even birds to watch.  There are three cat doors to access the enclosed play yard, as well as additional litter boxes.

  The horses enjoy 8 acres of pasture-land, and can sometimes be seen communing with the cats, as the cattery and horse pasture are adjacent to one another.

  Dress casually and comfortably (this is a ranch), and be prepared to be physically greeted by the cats (and horses) who will most certainly want to check you out, get on your lap, play with you, or otherwise entertain you.  (There are even a couple of horses who, if they could, would get into your lap for loving and attention.  We discourage this for obvious reasons!)

Be prepared to be chosen by a cat (or cats), as they are wonderfully intuitive and seem to know with whom they belong.

Make sure you bring at least one suitable carrier.  Hard sided carriers are preferred over cardboard boxes, which seem to upset many cats, and are not as secure for transportation.  (One hint we can share.  Put a dirty sweatshirt or t-shirt that you have worn recently into the bottom of the carrier, for the cat.  This allows them to get used to your scent and begin the bonding process faster.)

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