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Our featured pet of the month is Marie-Anne. She has just been adopted by Staci from Southern California. It is amazing what progress Staci has made with Marie-Anne in just one week. When Marie-Anne came to us from the Nevada feedlots 18 months ago she was terrified of people. It was impossible to touch her and no amounts of kind words or treats could win her over. Then Marie-Anne went to Monty Roberts Equestrian school for 3 weeks. Even after this extensive training she was still terrified and distrusting of people and was only just willing to wear a halter. After just a few days Staci was able to get Marie-Anne willing to be Haltered, Leading and best of all grooming and loving attention. Our applause and gratitude to Staci. She is a true Horse Whisperer. Please see our pet list for photos of Marie-Anne.


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