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We are a group of people dedicated to rescuing dogs from crisis situations, some of which include euthanasia by animal shelters, neglect and other forms of abuse, or "free to a good home" ads, which result in dogs being bounced from one home to another, or being acquired by animal brokers ("bunchers") and sold to research laboratories where they are used for testing then discarded ("cruelty industries").

While we do not rescue cats and all breeds of dogs, we are posting senior and disadvantaged dogs and cats for our local shelters because we believe that they deserve every chance to live a long and happy life.

North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement

PO Box 4522

Petaluma, CA 94955-4522

Phone: 707-776-6855


Our web site: North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement

To see our adoption requirements and fill out our adoption application,

please click here: Adoption application

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Thundershirts are helping shelters and rescue groups across the country to manage the dogs they receive with anxiety, fear and excitement issues. Your Thundershirt Donation will be put to excellent use helping to transition one of our wonderful dogs back to a forever home.

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