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Our dogs were saved from deaths in California shelters. They are now looking for a permanent home. This is a very time-consuming and costly process. However, these particular animals weren't put to sleep in the shelters as scheduled because we saved them.

Each dog was picked up as a stray by an animal control officer and taken into a shelter. They didn't have an ID tag or microchip, and their owner never came to the shelter to claim them.

We unfortunately do not have any background history on these animals. However, we do know about personalities from their daily living habits with us.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship our animals.

Who We Are

Our mission is to save the lives of cocker spaniels that are getting put to sleep in California shelters. Sadly, there are usually at least one hundred cockers on the brink of being euthanized every single day.

Unfortunately, we can only save a very limited amount of these cockers since we use our own money to take care of them.

Each animal has been spayed or neutered and received their shots and a microchip. It can take many months until a permanent home is found for an animal. We also spend a lot of money on medical bills to ensure that our animals are not in any medical danger.

Some of our dogs haven't had a permanent home for a while. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people in our area wanting to give a sweet dog a place to live.

PLEASE NOTE: We unfortunately cannot take in animals from other animal rescuers or from owners who aren't able to keep their animal any longer.

Adopting a friend

The first step in adopting one of our cockers is to send an e-mail to to request an application. We will contact you after we review it.

Should you be approved to adopt one of our dogs, an adoption agreement must be signed before taking your new pet home.

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Shelter Cocker Rescue - Northern California

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