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The APe Action" Animal Rescue "can only save dogs with donations and foster homes... We rely on volunteers, donations and foster homes. Without foster homes and funding we CANNOT save the lives of homeless, abandoned, and abused pets that come to us needing
help each year.
You can MAKE a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the life of a homeless pet being a FOSTER HOME!  APe Action will provide all of the food, a leash, collar and tags, and medical care needed for each pet.  All that  FOSTER HOMES have to do is take the animal into your home and
provide loving care and shelter
(email us for a foster Application)


We are also always in need of volunteers.  If you are interested in being an adoption coordinator which oversee's volunteers please contact us.

We also need volunteers for house checks, transport to and from vet visits and adoptions events.  For adoptions; volunteers are needed to transport and/or sit with the dog at the adoption, and must commit to two weekends a month. volunteer@apeaction.org

Adopting A Friend


We are looking for adopting persons who are committing to making a difference financially and morally in the life of an animal. Contribution donations are NOT A PURCHASE PRICE NOR ADOPTION FEE but a donation freely given. 

~~ Our adoption fees are $150 for seniors, $250 for adult dogs, and $300 for puppies under 1 yr of age~~~

Adoption donations help us cover the spay/neuter of your new pet,  current shots,  micro chipping,  grooming, flea meds, food, training if needed,  supplies, medical and temporary boarding of the animal.  


A home check will also be REQUIREDas well as a BINDING CONTRACT to adopt an animal from our group organization. With the adoption fee you will be supporting the rescuing of many more homeless pets ....and let's not forget , finding your NEW BEST FRIEND!


*Please tell us about yourself upon emailing us:

1) You, your family, your lifestyle, your home and fencing.
(Ages of all people in the household; Do you own or rent? House, condo, apartment, townhouse? Do you have a yard? Is it completely fenced? How high is the fencing at it's lowest point?)
2) What kind of dog you are looking for
(age, gender, size, temperament, energy level).
3) Where will the dog be housed during the day ?Inside or outside?
4) How many hours a day will the dog spend alone and where?Inside or outside?
5) Where will the dog sleep at night?
Outside: patio, dog house, shed etc .. ? 
Inside: garage, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, anywhere it pleases ... 
6) What other dogs have you had in the past and what happened to them?
Breeds, ages etc ... 
7) Are you willing to take your dog to obedience classes?
Private, group etc ... 
8) If your dog were injured or ill, are you willing to take him to the vet?
Are you willing AND financially able to provide your dog with necessary medical care? 
9) Is there any reason why you would give up your dog? Moving, divorce, aggression, no time, certain injury etc ... 
10) Please tell us about your other pets, family members with special needs/elderly/children and anything else that may help us find the
right dog for you.



Who We Are

The APe Action Animal Rescue department is not a shelter nor a facility, but an organization committed to aiding animal rescue efforts. We emphasize support of animal rescue and adoption, spay and neutering of pets, and bringing awareness to protect, care, and serve the many unwanted, abandoned, and homeless animals.


Mission Statement:

Animals, People & Environment Action (APe Action) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting  c hange through the education of moral and ethical values relating to animals, people, and the environment.   

We strive to encourage kindness and empathy for the interconnection of humans, animals, and the earth.


Come Visit Us

Sunday Aug 19th at HEALTHY SPOT in West Hollywood 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm!

PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS can also be e scheduled after adoption or foster applications have been received and approved:)

Thank You for considering adoption!


check out site to see other upcoming EVENTS!

Contact APe Action (Animals People & Environment Action)


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