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Our Adoptable Pet List

Become Part of The PALS Dream!

 We have the land.  We have the plans.  Now we just need to raise the money.  With your help we can complete the Dream.


The "PALS Dream" is to save as many homeless dogs and cats as possible.  With an extremely outdated Animal Shelter and a small PALS Adoption Center, we work hard every day to save as many animals as possible, and we currently save approximately 400 per year.


But, the truth is that so many innocent animals are still euthanized mostly due to lack of space.  So, we need more space.  A lot more space!  That's why our Dream is to construct a new building on 2 acres of land donated to us by the owners of Sycamore Lane Kennels and Farm.  Not only could we save more dogs and cats (approximately 800 per year!), but also offer the community additional services and resources. 


Please think about PALS and the many possibilities a new building could offer.  There are many ways to donate; perhaps as a gift to someone you love or in honor of a cherished pet.  Or, maybe just as a feel-good gesture to help make the Dream a reality.


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We now have a Thrift shop. Wags to Riche$ benefits the companion animals of Lodi. Funds go directly to defray veterinary expenses. Wags to Riche$ is loaded with interesting items and bargains galore. Please come in and browse!
The store is located at 101 E. Pine St. Lodi, CA 95240.
The store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The store is closed on Sunday and Monday.
Donations are always welcome Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

About Us

PALS is an all-volunteer non-profit (501 c3) debt free organization. Our facility is funded by donations and run by all volunteers. Our adoption facility houses cats and a small amount of dogs. We always need Foster families to help by: quarantining our cats for the required 10 day holding period, and take care of special needs animals. PALS also needs volunteers for the Adoption Center. Tasks we need help with include : dog walking, cleaning, and Special Event Helpers.
For more information on volunteering please call Jessica Vogel or Michelle Hooper at, (209) 224-0354 or email:

*Clay Litter for cats
*Cat Food (both wet & dry)
*Dog Food (both wet & dry)
*Cat Beds
*Dog Beds & Blankets
*Dog Houses & Crates
*Metal Exercise Pens; all heights
*KMR Powdered Kitten Formula
*Large dog toys(Kong or other tough quality)
*Cat Furniture (scratching posts, climbers, etc)
*Leashes & Collars
*Choke Chains (small & medium dog size)
*Agility type equipment for new Zippy Zone play area
*Office Supplies (copy paper, mailing stamps, ink cartridges, black Sharpie pens, notepads, smaller 3-ring binders, desk organizers)
*Cleaning Supplies (Dawn Dishsoap, Simple Green, Paper Towels, Disinfectant Wipes, Baby Wipes, Trash Bags (13 gal), sponges/brushes, pot scrubbers, fabric softener sheets, HD laundry detergent, bleach, gloves (fitted)
*Monetary (cash) donations are MOST appreciated & will be used toward veterinary/medical costs, supplies, etc.

Big Wish Items:
New Computers and/or Printers, New building, More funding, Heavy Duty Washer for the Shelter.


Come with an open mind and an open heart. You may think you want a certain breed, type or age of animal, but think carefully. A new addition to your home is a long commitment. Things to think about: puppies require a lot of attention and training. Kittens are adorable but they will become full grown cats quite quickly. Many of our older cats have been here a long time and need a loving home.
Here are some of the requirements to adopt from PALS: if you rent, please bring a letter with contact information from your landlord stating that a pet is allowed, your yard must be fenced, if you have a pool that would need to be fenced as well. For all of our cats, you must be willing to keep them inside only, and we do not allow any declawing or cosmetic alterations to be done on any of our animals, dog or cat, unless it is a medical necessity. If you are interested in one of our dogs, PALS does require a home check, and because we are a small organization, PALS has a 30 mile limit as to where we will do our home checks. If you already have a dog, you will be asked to bring him/her to the grounds so your dog can interact with the potential new family member. In addition, we also will ask that every member of the household come down to meet the animal.
Please understand that as a non-profit, we have the right to choose the very best home for any particular animal. We aren't being picky, we are just trying to find the very best “Forever Home” for the animal, and we want to make sure everyone is happy! Our adoption fees vary depending on the spay/neuter fee and the medical attention received. Please bring a cat carrier for your new cat and/or a leash for your new dog. We accept checks, cashiers checks (made out to the City of Lodi) and cash only. Our animals are ready to be adopted - come on down!


We are located next to the City of Lodi Animal Services. Our address is 1405 West Kettleman Lane. We are on the north side of Kettleman at the junction of Ham and Kettleman. Look for our white PALS sign out front.
Adoption Hours:
Tuesday 11am to 4pm
Wednesday- Saturday 11am to 4pm
Sunday, Monday and Furlough Fridays Closed

People Assisting Lodi Shelter (PALS)
1405 West Kettleman Lane
Lodi, CA 95242
Phone: (209) 224-0354

Mailing Address
1040 W. Kettleman Lane #379
Lodi, CA 95240

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