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Due to the large number of requests we receive daily, we are unable to accept dogs that are being surrendered. As a small, volunteer-based rescue, the reality is that for every 1 dog we can help, dozens more are surrendered and the limited resources of space, finance, and man-power that we have are very quickly depleted. For general information on rehoming your pet, visit http://www.wonderpuppy.net/canwehelp/index.html.

Who are we?

Walkin' the Bark is a small grassroots 501(c)(3) rescue run purely by volunteers. We each have full time jobs, our own families, and our own lives outside of the rescue, but it is our common passion to help unwanted dogs that bring us together.

We are not breed-specific (in fact, our favorite "breed" is the Mutt). Although we are small, or maybe because of it, we find ourselves drawn towards the harder-to-adopt dogs. Itís those dogs that nobody wants, or that nobody thinks they want, that we feel most passionate about. Older dogs, sick or injured dogs, fearful dogs, nondescript black dogs, pit mixes, these are among the nation's most unwanted pets, and they are the ones that reach out to us most. We understand that we are most likely their last chance for life.

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(Our sincerest gratitude to Maddie's Fund for providing financial assistance to help cover some of our dogs' medical expenses!)

While caring for harder-to-adopt dogs limits the number of dogs we are able to help, since they take longer to find homes for and require more investment of time and resources, we firmly believe that quality wins out over quantity any time. Dogs like these deserve their chance at happiness too, and each of their successes is a testament to their spirit and a reminder to all of us that the underdog doesnít have to remain that way.

We Need Your Support

We rely solely on individual contributions to help us pay for the medical care required by most of our rescued dogs, particularly those who have special needs and/or require surgery. You donation is fully taxable and helps us continue our efforts.

Donations can be made through Paypal or you can also mail donations to:

Walkin' the Bark Rescue
4464 Lone Tree Way, Box #1064
Antioch, CA 94531

Just a Few of our Rescued Dogs

Popeye, paralyzed from the rear and incontinent

Bernice, a senior dog

Doris, another severely undersocialized and fearful dog

Sophia, also severely undersocialized and fearful

Marlee, a corgi mix with epilepsy

Bandit, a husky/shepherd boy deemed unadoptable because he had a broken femur bone

Buddy, a senior dog

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