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05/18/11..................... I'm here to share some good news that is extremely over due! Last year I adopted a new puppy! It took me six months to be ready for another dog in my life but it just wasn't the same without a dog. In February of last year, I went to the Downey Shelter and adopted "Gracie." Time reallly flies, she turned a year old this Janurary! She is so smart, loves everyone, and has a TON of energy! She is an insecure dog at times though and doesn't always know how to interact with other dogs. I'm working on that. She does love my cats though and tries to get them to groom her all the time- it's precious to watch :-) She's been to puppy training but I think we need the intermediate training next :-) I have a VPI policy for her and it's already really paid off. I had 6 claims and I was already reimbursed over $500.00 between them. She has allergies but her policy has really helped me out with her treatments. Having a puppy is challenging, exciting, frustrating, fun, trying on the patience, and wonderful! She can never replace Baby in my heart but I learned I have room for her too :-) Knowing I recsued her from that overcrowded shelter and am giving her the best I can is so rewarding and I am so thankful to have her in my life! 10/17/09............................. With great pain and sadness I have to report that my dog Baby has lost her life. On Labor Day, only a few days after I updated this page last, she collapsed. She was breathing with great difficulty so I brought her to an emergency Veterinarian. He did chest x-rays and found that her heart was enlarged. He said he needed to go in with a syringe and draw off the fluid that was around her heart and causing her to have labored breathing. He said that if he found clear fluid around her heart, it was likely heart disease and she could be medicated for that. However, if he found blood, it was almost definitely a heart base tumor that was hemorrhaging and there was nothing that could be done for that. I had to go home and about 2:30 in the morning, he called me. The news couldn't have been worse- he found about 250 cc of blood. Just to be sure, I called 3 different vets I knew personally who also knew her, and they all agreed. I had to come back that morning and have her put to sleep. I couldn't let my sweet Baby girl suffer so I had to do what was most difficult for me and best for her. The tumor in her heart was hemorrhaging quickly. At 2:30am when he called me, he said she was breathing normally but when I got there at 8am, she was already having difficulty again. Animals give so much and ask for so little. I am so thankful to have had her in my life for over 13 years. The pain of losing her is heart wrenching but the love and happiness I had for over 13 years is more than worth it. I urge everyone out there to rescue an animal. It may just be the single most impactful and meaningful thing you ever do, for both you and the animal. ***************************************************************9/3/09............. Prayers are answered! I just wanted to make a long over due update about Baby... People came through, I was able to raise every penny needed for her surgery, and she made it through with flying colors! YAY! She had her surgery in December '08. The biopsies came back negative so now the worst of her problems is her bad hips and bad back! One thing at a time! She turned 13 years old on Feb. 14th so she is now cancer free and 13 1/2 years old! I couldn't have asked for a better friend, protector, and companion and I am so blessed to still have her with me. And thanks to everyone that helped, whether it be clothes for me to sell at my garage sale, prayers, or money given directly, every little bit literally made a big difference! THANK YOU!!!! ******************************As a rescuer, I typically rescue other animals- usually cats that are abandoned by others and various different situations. Well, I am now in a place where I need help with my own dog. I recently found a tumor on her rear end. It is open and bleeding and she will be 13 years old in February '09. I am concerned this is cancer and if it is, then it can spread to other parts of her body, like her chest. I have taken her to a vet I know and the estimate for the surgery to remove it along with all the diagnostics, will be about $1,100. If there is anyone out there that can help out in any way, please let me know. I am going to get together a car wash/ bake sale fundraiser for either this weekend or next. I have a Boy scout troop that is going to help out. When I have a specific date, I will post it on my calendar. Also, if there is anyone out there that has recyclables, I am recycling, and if you have anything lying around that you do not use and can be sold, please let me know. I will be selling things on e-bay to go towards her surgery as well. I am in a real financial bind but I don't want to let that stop me from helping my dog now. She would give her life for me and I owe her my best effort! Thank you!!!************************************

Who We Are

Abandoned, abused and neglected~ A promise is made... ...That all who enter through these doors are forever protected. That they shall never again be homeless, put in harms way, or thought of as any less than extraordinary! My name is Christa and I started as a Veterinary Technician in January 2001. I started rescuing kitties when a woman came into the clinic where I worked with a beautiful grey tabby kitten who had the most piercing blue eyes. After calling her to see if she wanted to adopt out the amazingly sweet kitty, she came in with two kittens- one who looked just like the one I wanted, and her brother. I reluctantly took both kittens. Four years later, "LiLi" the blue-eyed kitten lives at home with me, two other rescued kitties ("Huggie" and "Rex"), and my dog "Baby" . I learned all I know from a quality rescuer- Friendly Feline Rescue, out of Aliso Viejo. Without her expert advice and guidance, I would not have been able to rescue the way I do today. I met her at the clinic where I worked as a Veterinary Technician. Through her, I learned the importance of premium food and the significance it has on the health of our little furry friends! I only feed Evo Innova cat food- a high quality, premium food, and I use either Swheat Wheat litter, World's Best, or Feline Pine scoopable- all natural wheat, corn, or pine litters that clump without the harsh chemicals of traditional clay litter. My dog Baby has been a God-send. I rescued her ten years ago when she was only a puppy. She helps acclimate all new kitties to dogs-as she is a large German Shepherd with a very sweet disposition. She likes to check out all new-comers and licks little kitten's faces! Baby was my first real rescue and a catapult to something I never really realized was my passion- animals. ********************************* Before I adopt out any kitties, I spay/ neuter, vaccinate with both FVRCP vaccines, deworm against intestinal parasites, test for FELV/FIV, and treat for fleas. If there are any obvious signs of health problems like ear mites or upper respiratory infection, I make sure to treat them before they go into a new home. If you are interested in adopting a new family member, please e-mail me at: **********************************NOTE... I am over-loaded right now and cannot take in any new kitties from private parties. However, I can give you some resources to try................................................... Some numbers of organizations who may be able to help you out with PLACEMENTS........................................................................ PET PRO LIFE........................(714)964-3593. They have several branches if this one cannot help, but this branch will have to give you those numbers because this is the only one I have. CATS IN NEED.........................(714) 538-6108 (there are Yorba Linda, Santa Ana, and Buena Park branches, but you'll need to call the number I listed to get them) COMMUNITY ANIMAL NETWORK...................(949)759-3646. They do adoptions out of Russo's Pet Store in Fashion Island. Some places that may be able to help you FINANCIALLY with the spay/ neuters, treatments, viral testing, and vaccines are: ANIMAL ASSISTANCE LEAGUE............................ (714) 978-PETS PET ASSISTANCE...........................(562)596-3153 ACTORS AND OTHERS FOR ANIMALS.................................... (818) 755-6323 or: (818) 897-8760 SADDLEBACK VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY..............................(949)262-5859 SPCA.......................................(714) 596-7387 RUFF............................................(949)458-9663 PAWS........................................- Golden State Humane Society (714) 638-8111 may have their # , I cannot find it. PURR...................................(714)254-7872- don't know these guys well, but they may be able to help. I**********************************************f you have a problem with feral cats, look into renting or buying a trap to trap them in for the purpose of spaying and neutering. The only real option is to trap, spay or neuter, and re-release with a food and water source. As long as they are all fixed and they have adequate food and water, that's the best you can do for the ferals unfortunately. They are almost impossible to turn around and make real pets out of (although it is possible if you have a lot of time and patience), and I know of no places that will take in ferals and actually give them a home. Ferals develop "territories" and typically run out new ferals, leaving them with no food and water source so it is best to try and avoid re-locating ferals into new territories outside. *************************************************** If you have any tame adults and/or kittens, try the #'s above. I would get the kittens fixed A.S.A.P. because they get harder and harder to place every day they get older. I would recommend Golden State Humane Society in Garden Grove for spays and neuters but they will want the kittens to be at least 4 months old. If you need to get a kitten under 4 months of age altered, I would take him/her to your family vet. After you do that, start calling for financial assistance from Animal Assistance League and others I have listed above. They will likely pay for all the spays and neuters, and the first FVRCP vaccine. If they cannot pay for all, you can always move to the next organization to try to get more help. You can get help from multiple organizations. ************************************* In the process, begin to start calling the organizations I listed for placement help. Some of them may require they be spayed and neutered anyway, so you will already be on the right path. Some of them may want you to do the FELV/FIV test as well. If you have to do that, Golden State Humane Society does that for the cheapest you'll find- anywhere. It's $15, but you may be able to get help with paying for that as well. All organizations have different standards, so just start calling and go from there. If you do enough calling, you may get all your kitties placed and all their treatments done at no cost to you. **************************************************************** P.S.- Be careful not to use organizations that have not been THOROUGHLY checked out, as there are many who will claim to place your kitties and will actually euthanize them. DO NOT use "Concerned Animal Lovers". I know Concerned Animal Lovers and they have had a lawsuit against them for euthanizing pets that they claimed they would place. Many people out there will say they will find your pet a good home, even ask for pictures and personal information about the pet, and what they really mean is a home in Heaven because they put them down. Please also be careful of people wanting your animal for free. Never ask for less than $50.00 for the adoption. There are people out there that will put on a good show for you and pretend to be a good potential home but they will turn right around and sell the animal to a research company. They pay people $50.00 per animal and the precious life you saved could end up being tested on for the rest of it's life! Cats often live up to 18 years or more. You want them to have a good life so be very careful who you trust with their care. Good luck and God Bless!!!

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