Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue

We are located near San Francisco, California.
All adoptions must be made in person. We do not ship cats.

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1) See our listing of Persian & Himalayan Cats at Northern California Shelters and give those cats your first priority for adoption; and

2) If you ever considered fostering, please call Pat at (925) 838-1838


We are always in need of qualified foster homes, transportation of the cats and adoptive families.


To adopt a cat from Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue (PHCR), call Pat at (925) 838-1838. Please be prepared to provide references.

Fill out the Application Form at and bring a print copy with you to your adoption appointment. You may download it here. DO NOT SNAIL MAIL THE APPLICATION as you will need it at the adoption appointment and bringing it will insure that it has arrived in time.

Adoption Criteria:

Cats from our Rescue are never to be sold, given to a shelter or to a laboratory.


You can't save every kitty in the world, but for each one that you help us save, it IS the world for that kitty! Here is a list of very easy things you can do to help.

ADOPT! Or tell your friends and co-workers about Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue if they are looking for a cat.

VOLUNTEER! We always need volunteers who can:

DONATE! We always need:


We are a Non-Profit 501-(c)3 Corporation

Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue (PHCR) was founded in 1990 with the mission of caring for unwanted and abused Persian and Himalayan cats and finding them permanent loving homes. The inspiration for the rescue was a Persian cat named 'Rudy' who was abandoned at Wanda Roe's grooming shop in 1990.  Wanda easily found a new home for Rudy with one of her grooming clients. Since she was able to place Rudy so quickly, Wanda contacted Maureen Munns, who ran Persian Rescue in Livermore, and offered to place some of her rescues.

Wanda and Maureen worked together until the late 1990s when Maureen retired. Wanda grew the rescue and successfully placed hundreds of cats in permanent homes until her retirement in 2008.  Today, PHCR is operated by a core group of volunteers who remain committed to its founding mission.

The majority of cats that enter rescue are pulled from kill-shelters located in California. PHCR works with local veterinarians to ensure all cats are healthy before they are available for adoption.

Since 2008, all cats that enter rescue are homed with foster families in the Bay Area. This provides the cats personal care while they await their forever home and allows for better evaluation of their personality. Thus, cats experience less stress during the transition period and PHCR is better able to find the perfect match for cats and families.

100% of donations directly support the cats.

Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 475482
San Francisco, CA 94147-5482
Phone: 925-838-1838
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