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Who We Are

Border Collie Rescue are volunteers are dedicated to helping lost, abandoned, neglected or relinquished Border Collies find appropriate, loving homes. All available rescued Border Collie are located in Southern California, with a few exceptions. You will find links to available Border Collies thoughout the United States or internationally. Border Collie Rescue supports the efforts of all rescuers engaged in rescuing Border Collies. We at BCR have a dream where NO BORDER COLLIE GOES UNWANTED and it is our goal to help Border Collies in need, to serve as a resource in order to assist all individuals in their search to adopt or place a dog.

Adopting a Friend

Unique behaviors can stem from the Border Collie's herding instincts. Even the most well-stimulated Border Collie, if its herding instinct is strong, can develop obsessions with fish, ceiling fans, flashing lights, passing cars, or running children. Little children and small pets can be endangered by the herding instinct, when their quick movements awaken a Border Collie's strong prey drive! A person considering a Border Collie as a family pet should use extreme caution, and possibly look into another breed. If only a Border Collie will do, it would be wise to select an adult Border Collie that has been evaluated for herding instinct and exposed to children and small animals. People who do decide to include a Border Collie in their lives, find that they are tireless and talented companions in nearly any active sport or work. Bred to work as independently as possible, they have an incredible ability to learn hundreds of commands and anticipate what is expected of them. Of course, they demand absolute consistency in training and an unbreakable routine. Any change in routine can have memorable repercussions! Border Collies have an insatiable thirst for human companionship and structured activity. They are workaholics, most preferring a game of fetch to a treat or a pat on the head. Many people find it difficult and unnerving to spend so much time in the company of a dog that does not care for cuddles, but refuses to go amuse itself. Others enjoy the slimy ball dropped in their laps, the blazing stare that demands, "Throw it! Just once more won't hurt!" If not given a job to do, Border Collies will find one. Whether it's chasing cars, chewing the carpet, or remodeling the woodwork, the activity they choose for themselves is unlikely to be an acceptable one. Someone has commented that a bored Border Collie is one of the elemental destructive forces of nature, ranking right up there with tornadoes and volcanoes! Border Collies are not your average housepet! Although it is unnecessary to own sheep to keep most Border Collies from getting bored, activity is essential. Running, hiking, or biking with a Border Collie means having a tireless and enthusiastic companion. However, physical exercise is not enough. Border Collies brains need to be stimulated with training activity as well. Border Collies excel in dog sports such as formal obedience, agility, flyball, tracking, or competitive Frisbee. Participation in some structured activity is advisable for this highly driven breed. Life with a Border Collie is busy. Most Border Collie owners do not come home from work and relax. Instead, they know it's time to work again - with their dog! A run or bike ride may be followed by ball or Frisbee, and then a training session, followed by more ball or Frisbee. After dinner, more ball playing while watching TV or working on the computer, and maybe another training session, ends the evening. Before the alarm goes off the next morning, the lucky owner will be awakened by a ball or Frisbee dropped on the bed! (reprinted with permission -Rebecca Shouse and CBCR)


All of our dogs are in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. We prefer to adopt to people in California, Nevada and Arizona, that are willing to travel to meet the dogs.If you are not in our area,we encourage you to contact a rescuer in your area. Click here to fill out an online application. Remember all of our dogs are located in SOUTHREN CALIFORNIA.

Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers and donations are always needed. If you can donate either time as a volunteer or donations please let us know. Volunteers are needed for transporting dogs, shelter checks, working events, writing articles, training for herding, obedience, agility, legal assistance, fund raising, foster care and much more. Donations of dog food, crates, fencing, food dishes, water dishes, blankets, towels, treats, toys and VETERINARIAN SERVICES(esp in the San Diego & Valley Center areas) Email:

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