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Please print out the form, fill it out, and fax it to (242) 352-3239,
"ATTENTION: Tip Burrows."

Secondary email to use, if internet connection is down in the Bahamas due to a storm is "Attention: Jana Sheeder / GBHS"


Our U.S. non-profit organzation is called B.A.R.C. (Bahamian Animal Rescue Committee), and it was created for us by the incredible people at The Kohn Foundation. Click here for information about the Foundation.

About Us

We are the only animal rescue organization on Grand Bahama Island, which is 73 miles long and 1 to 7 miles wide, with a human population of around 50,000, and a large homeless animal population.

We are working hard to alleviate the homeless animal problem through our free spay/neuter and educational programs, but it is a constant struggle.

We moved into our brand new, badly needed shelter in June 2008! However, our operating costs have increased tremendously and we need your support more than ever! Please consider donating today (link below). Please help!

At present, our maxiumum capacity (which is often exceeded) is 200 dogs and puppies and 60 cats and kittens. Stray, homeless, unwanted, and abandoned dogs are by far our biggest problem on the island.

Unfortunately, with such a small human population on our island, our adoption rate for dogs is AT BEST, 10%, and since we take in over 100 pets per month, we sadly...and tragically... do not have the luxury of being a no-kill shelter.

Our fundraising ability is also limited by the finite pool of potential donors as we are only one of many charities on the island, and unfortunately, animal welfare is low on most residents' list of priorities.

About The Potcake (aka "Royal Bahamian Potcake") Breed

The majority of our dogs are of mixed breeds, locally referred to as "Potcakes." This name is derived from a popular dish here, peas and rice. The "cake" that sticks to the bottom of the pot was usually thrown into the yard for the dogs (and in many cases, it still is). Potcakes are an officially recognized breed in the Bahamas!

Potcakes typically have smooth, short fur with little or no undercoat, cocked ears, a hound-like rib cage and long terrier-shaped faces. More rare are the shaggy or rough-coated Potcakes. The "typical" Potcake is brown, but colors range from party (brindle) to black, white, cream, yellow, and red. Adults stand about 24 inches high at the shoulder. Normal adult weight is 25 pounds in the bush, but once healthy and homed, they can weigh 30-45 pounds, depending upon bone structure.

Potcakes are genetically-engineered to tolerate heat, long-term physical stress, extreme competition for food, and a low protein diet. As pets, Potcakes comprise the "traits of the Potcake breed" and are highly-intelligent, fiercely loyal, and very enthusiastic, bonded companions. These dogs are generally uncommonly smart, easily-trained, and make the most loyal and loving companions you could ever want. They are usually so grateful to live in a house, that they almost housetrain themselves!

Please make a difference and save the life of a truly unique and WONDERFUL Potcake!

Adopting A Lifelong Friend

We require that all our dogs be real members of their new family. We do ask for references, particularly from the adopter's regular veterinarian. We also try to arrange for a local rescue group or animal shelter to make a home visit on our behalf.

Our adoption fees locally are $75 for dogs and $50 for cats. They include up to date vaccinations, deworming, any other meds required, flea/tick preventative, and sterilization.

U.S. adopters are able to easily and inexpensively transport their pets from the island to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, via GB Express, a local import/export company with whom we've aligned to make stateside adoptions possible. The adoption fee for puppies under 20 lbs is $125, puppies and dogs over 20 lbs, $150, both of which include shipping to Ft. Lauderdale.

NOTE: The cost and responsibility of transporting the animal further than Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is the adopter's, although we have established a network of animal rescue people stateside, who on occasion are able to help with temporary housing and/or transport!

Can you imagine what a fun trip it would be to fly down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to meet your new pet? Visit a dog park, go to a dog beach, maybe even dine at a dog-friendly outdoor cafe -- just enjoy some rest, relaxation and your RESCUED DARLING, then fly home together!? WOW.

Are you ready to save lives and make a difference?

The Humane Society of Grand Bahama would like to encourage you to become an annual member this year! Your generosity and thoughtfulness help to make our continuing efforts possible. Please join our membership and help us to make a difference!


Please print the form, fill it out, and fax it to (242) 352-3239,
"ATTENTION: Tip Burrows."

You may also scan the form and email it back to us, or simply email the details back to us (not using the form) at (If this email doesn't work for some reason, the alternate email to use is Thanks!

Click here to use safely, quickly, and easily use Paypal for your membership!

How You Can Help Right NOW!*

*Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. Kuranda now has cat beds, cat towers and dog bunk beds! If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a cat or a dog to sleep in comfort, please click here.
Donate a 


*Shop to help the GBHS animals! Up to 26% of each purchase that you make with goes to The Humane Society of Grand Bahama! Your shopping at hundreds of online stores helps GBHS with each purchase. It's free and completely private. Join today by clicking on this link: and filling in your email address! Then simply shop and help us to save animals! Thank you!


cause banner
Enter "The Kohn Foundation," as your cause!!

*Adopt one of our special pets and save not just one, but TWO, lives! You save the life of the pet that you adopt, and you make room for us to bring another homeless pet into our facility in hopes of finding a loving, forever family and living a long and happy life.

*Sponsor a potcake (dog) to be vetted and transported to a no-kill facility in the states! This is the perfect gift for an animal that you are not able to adopt, yourself! It's only $175 to sponsor one of these precious and special pets and give him or her a chance at a long and happy life!

*Sponsor a shelter cat or kitten to be fully-vetted and made adoptable! Already have enough pets of your own? Landlord doesn't allow pets? Allergic to cats, but love them? What a wonderful lifesaving gift to give an animal who, because of you, will live a long life! It's only $100 to sponsor a cat or kitten!

*Send a donation for the fund for items for our new, hurricane-proof facility! Our new hurricane-proof facility is now open!! The pets will be safe during storms! It is so beautiful...and it's thanks to you!

Even though the new shelter is already built, we still need to install cages for the pets, put in cat trees, install a washer and dryer, etc! Can you please help us?

Your thoughtful gift will forever change the lives of the animals on Grand Bahama and will dramatically impact the future of the island.

We know that there are many organizations requesting your help with donations, so we are especially grateful to you for caring about us.

*Spread the word about us:
  • Tell your friends about your potcake
  • Tell people how to adopt one of their own, unique, phenomenal pets from GBHS!
  • Write "Letters to the Editor" in your hometown newspaper and share our information with those in the community!

  • Thank you for making a lifesaving difference!

    Our Wish List

    Our shelter and pets are in desperate need of help. Because we take in so many pets, we need many things to help get them adopted (as well as to keep them comfortable while they're awaiting their forever families)! Will you please help us? toys? A soft bed? Treats? YES, PLEASE!!

    (NOTE: Please send certificates for the shelter to

    We need:

  • PLASTIC "BARGAIN HOUND" TRANSPORT CRATES FROM PETSMART!These can be bought with gift cards (and this will save shipping costs)! They are the least expensive crates we've found, and they are perfect for our pets' needs! We need sizes from small to XL.

    Click here to order PetsMart gift cards SPECIFICALLY TO BUY TRANSPORT CRATES.

    Mail them to:
    Luv A Pet c/o D. Shields
    For Humane Society of Grand Bahama
    1128 Royal Palm Bch Blvd #203
    Royal Palm Beach FL 33411

  • PETSMART GIFT CARDS THAT DON'T EXPIRE (there are no chain stores here, so we have to go to the mainland every few months). We always need to buy crates, pet toys, pet treats, ferret hammocks for our cats, pet shampoo, and LOTS of other things!
    Click here to order gift cards online!

    Mail them to:
    Humane Society of Grand Bahama
    P.O. Box F-42741
    Freeport, BS 33404

  • FREEBIE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS TO GIVE TO ADOPTERS to entice them to adopt and to tell their friends to adopt!
  • FUNDS TO PAY OUR EXHORBITANT VET BILLS! You can donate with a credit card, and the money will go into the fund to pay vet bills and help us to save lives! Thank you!

    Sadly...sometimes we can't afford to feed or treat the animals (or even run basic medical tests on them), and we have no choice but to euthanize... so PLEASE HURRY AND ADOPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time is of the essence!

  • Visiting Us

    Please Come Visit Us on beautiful Grand Bahama, in the city of Freeport, on Coral Road! If you visit our island, please stop in at the shelter, we'll be happy to give you a tour! Come see the difference that you are making in the pets' lives and on the island, itself!

    Our hours are 9 - 5 Monday through Saturday.

    Humane Society of Grand Bahama
    P.O. Box F-42741
    Freeport, BS 33404

    Shelter Phone: (242) 352-2477 or 727-2477 (cell)

    Shelter Fax: 242-352-3239

    Shelter Manager Email: Tip Burrows, Executive Director (

    Alternate email address (if #1 doesn't work): Ms. Tip Burrows, (

    URGENT animal emergencies, contact: (242) 727-1390 or (242) 727-2478 or (242) 727-4279

    If email is down in the Bahamas due to storms, Contact Jana (volunteer/GBHS) ( If phones are out in the Bahamas, use secondary phone: (786) 256-1000

    "We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare, and love we can spare. ...and in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."
    -M. Acklam

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