District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter

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Animal Welfare Shelter & Services of the District of North Vancouver is a government funded facility, which provides a temporary home for animals until a responsible life long home is found.

We provide quality medical care, nutrition, socialization, exercise, behavioral training, and a progressive animal evaluation program to carefully select the RIGHT home for the success and well being of our animals.

We are responsible for picking up stray dogs, transporting injured animals to receive veterinary care, investigating dog biting incidents, poop and scoop law and excessive barking complaints.

We are committed to ensure owners are responsible for the care and control, spaying and or neutering and licensing of their pets through education. In turn providing our community with a safe, healthy and caring environment for our animals and citizens.


Since our opening on January 01, 2002, numerous improvements have been made at our District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter facility. Our shelter houses animals in a few different areas. For our feline guests they stay in the "Community Cat Courtyard", where cats can enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment. The "Bunny Run" allows rabbits to leave their condos to play outside in warm weather. In addition to these areas, the Shelter has a "Singles Room" that holds strays pending a search for their owner, and an "Isolation Room" for sick or pregnant animals.

Our Shelter has currently responded to over 3000 different requests for service. These included picking up stray dogs, park patrols, transporting injured animals to receive veterinarian care, as well as investigating complaints related to dog biting, abiding by the scoop law and excessive barking.

As in the past, our staff is always committed to developing new and innovative programs. We work with volunteers to provide good daily welfare for the animals in our care. Our staff are available to speak to students and community groups about responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs.

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Hours of operation
Daily from 9 am to 5 pm, closed statutory holidays.
Telephone Enquires: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Open to the public 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter
299 Mansfield Place
North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E4
Phone: 604-990-3711

Email: paws@dnv.org
Web: www.dnv.org/animalshelter/

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