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When you decide to adopt with WAG, our commitment is to find the animal that best matches your personality, lifestyle and experience.

For approved applicants, WAG offers a customized and personalized adoption experience following our MatchMaker Process. It includes:

  • A pre-adoption counseling session
  • Post-adoption counseling within the first month of adoption

It's best to come in person, so we can meet you, you can meet us, and we can visit your potential new pet together. If you live out of town and you've found your perfect new companion at WAG, please call or email at adoptions@WhistlerWAG.com.  We can discuss the suitability of the match over the phone or by email, and complete the application process via email or fax, prior to your visit to the shelter. Adoptions may sometimes be completed with a single visit to the WAG shelter.

Who We Are

We all look forward to the day that our services are no longer needed. Until then, these principles guide how we treat each and every animal that comes through our shelter.


To provide a safe and nurturing environment to homeless and lost dogs and cats in our community and to be advocates in finding their forever homes.


Through education and awareness, create a safe and loving community for dogs, cats and people to enjoy together.


WAG is a leader in the community for promoting animal welfare through education, awareness and advocacy.


WAG is reaching out to our community and those around us to help find ways to make animal welfare possible for everyone. Through our assistance programs and educational children's programs, we strive to educate people how to be the best possible pet owners.


WAG is a cherished community asset that would not be possible without the unwavering support of its residents. We proudly share this asset with residents and visitors alike.


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Our high standards of care for our animals comes at a price, in order to maintain these standards and achieve financial stability, fundraisers, community awareness and participation is a must. The pride with which our community takes in the shelter experience offers us the ability to sustain this unique shelter.


WAG is transparent and honest in its actions and communications to give our stakeholders a high level of confidence.

Come Visit Us

WAG is open to the public daily: From 1pm - 4pm

**Please call to book adoption appointments between 10am - 1pm or 6pm - 8pm

Contact Whistler Animals Galore Society


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