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If you are interested in giving one of our dogs a chance at having a family, and are ready to make the commitment, now and in the long term, you will be asked to complete an application form, provide references, and do a phone interview. These steps allow us to understand your home, your family, and what sort of dog would be best suited to a life with you.

If you are applying for a specific animal, then that dog's own needs & temperament will be considered as well, to ensure the best compatibility. If we receive more than one application for a specific animal, the family we feel best suited to the animal will be the first contacted, however we will do our very best to contact everyone who applies.References will be checked, and all necessary steps taken to ensure that our dog is ready to move to his new home.

Mixed up Mutts does NOT adopt intact animals. Every dog that leaves us will be spayed/neutered before the adoption takes place. In some cases other veterinary care may be necessary. All this must be completed and aftercare arranged before adoptions will be finalized. We will get in touch with you as soon as your application is approved and make arrangements for you to bring home your new family member. Please remember to provide a collar and leash, and possibly a travel cage, to get your pet home safely. We are always happy to provide information on toys, food, and anything else you need to know to make your new arrival feel right at home! The adoption fee is payable once we have decided that the dog is the correct dog for you, generally after a foster period has been completed. This fee will help cover some of the costs for providing for the animal while in our care. Things that this may include are spay/neuter, deworming, initial vaccinations, veterinary assessment, and occasionally additional medical care.We believe that every one of our dogs is special, deserves a loving, forever, home.

Adopting a family pet is a big decision and a serious responsibility. It is an obligation to care and provide for that animal for the rest of its natural life. We take every precaution, therefore, to ensure that every Mixed up Mutt goes to a loving, caring home that is suited to her needs.

Who We Are

The purposes of Mixed Up Mutts Society are:
a) To rescue, rehabilitate (when needed) and adopt out animals that for any reason can no longer live with their original owner.
b) To promote well-being of our animals with an application process to find the most suitable home.
c) To promote, encourage and carry out education in the humane treatment of animals, in such a way that the number of homeless animals is reduced.

Mixed Up Mutts has been rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs since 2008. We are located in the 100 Mile House area, interior of BC. We pay for most things out of pocket, and hope to break even with adoption fees and donations helping out!

Mixed Up Mutts is a Non-Profit Rescue that takes on dogs for many reasons. We prefer to take on dogs that need our help the most, and don't believe that surrendering your dog to a shelter or rescue is a decision to be taken lightly. Once a dog is in our care, it goes to the vet almost immediately, for a check up, altering, vaccines, permanent ID and deworming. We then spend a fair amount of time with each dog, assessing and testing the dog in a variety of ways, and getting to know each dog so that we can place them in the most appropriate home! We also spend time training and teaching the dog how to be an acceptable member of the household. We work on leash training, crate training, house training, socializing and anything else that may make the dog more adoptable.
We look for the most suitable home for each dog as an individual, not just the person who wants "that cute dog" or applies first. Our application process starts with an email application and is followed by a phone interview and home check. If everything goes perfectly, the dog is adopted! If there is a problem in an adoptive home, the dog is required to come back to Mixed Up Mutts, no matter what the issue is. We will always take back out "Mutts"!

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