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Our Featured Pet...

Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Terriers.....its amazing the breeds that might be left unclaimed here at the pound. Please check back -this can change from week to week....!!! These sweet dogs shown below are just a small example of what can come up for adoption at our facility. These guys have already been adopted into new homes.

Please watch our site for new dogs as they become available. Breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Chow Chows. Thank you all for thinking of our unclaimed strays!


In 2014 the City of Penticton formed agreements with R.D.O.S, the Corporation of Summerland, and the Village of Keremeos to house their dogs in our dog pound facility. Our city managers are also working toward building a brand new Municipal Dog Shelter. We are eagerly keeping our "ear to the ground' for updates and anticipating an awesome new facility!

Keep us in mind, people!- spread the word to help us find wonderful homes for these great dogs!

Please! Ensure your pets are spayed or neutered to help prevent the necessities of euthanasia and rescue!

Please consider one of our delightful dogs - save a life and adopt a stray!

Have you lost your dog?

Many people are unsure of what to do when their dog goes missing. Here are some suggestions:

#1 - Call Animal / Dog Control. Put in a lost report with them first. If your dog is impounded, they've got your contact information. Some Animal Control offices will give
your number to the person who calls in that they've found your pet, rather than impound it.

#2 - Call your local SPCA or Humane Society.

#3 - Place an ad with the Lost and Found section of your local radio stations and newspapers.

#4 - Make posters including pictures of your pet (if available) and hang them in areas close to the location the pet went missing and usual walk routes, then branch off
from there. Keep track of where you put them so you can go remove them after your pet is back home safe.

#5 - If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company the chip is registered through.

#6 - Contact all the veterinary clinics. MANY people will call their vet with the decription of the found animal, or even take it in to them.

Finally, be courteous. Once your pet has been found, contact all these people again, to let them know. Many of these groups keep a listing of Lost and Found pets. Without a
call back, they won't know your pet is home.

Don't forget that many pets are frightened of thunder storms, fireworks, and loud booming noises. Often these poor animals will panic so
badly that they will not respond, return to, or even recognise their own families.
Every year dogs are hit by cars and killed or badly injured. Please confine your pet to keep it safe!

Who We Are

My experience in the field of Dog Control began in 1990 - in the City of Penticton where I worked under sub-contract to enforce their Dog Bylaw. In January of 1992, I began to contract directly to the City of Penticton.

In 1992, we were still called "Poundkeepers" ( or simply "Dog Catchers" ) and our jobs were to basically impound stray dogs and euthanise those that were not claimed. All that time, the waste of those wonderful lives broke my heart. I became involved with a couple of local rescue groups and trying to find a new way to do my job. While I was able to place more dogs in homes, I was still frustrated with people not spaying and neutering the dogs, even though they had agreed to when they adopted them.

In 2000, I began my company "Rodon Holdings" and at that point made further changes to the processes taken to rehome the dogs. I made arrangements with one of our local veterinary clinics who offered to care for "my" dogs for a reduced rate. I began to have all the dogs vet checked, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered and tattooed prior to rehoming them. All homes were preapproved prior to adoption by first application, then by contacting references, then doing a home check.

I wish I could brag that we save them all, but I cannot. Sadly too many lives are still lost.

Adopting a friend

Since most dogs adopted through this site will be unclaimed impounds, certain requirements must be met. We look for loving, stable, indoor homes that will provide exercise, stimulation, proper feed and medical care, etc. Also:

* A fenced yard. Consideration will be given when circumstances don't permit the potential adoptor to have a fenced yard but this will depend on each particular dog.
* All dogs will be spayed or neutered and tattooed - prior to going to it's new home, including puppies, unless health does not permit it.
* All costs for medical proceedures will be included as the adoption fee (at our cost price).
* We require all adopted dogs to be licensed *according to the Municipal Bylaws where the dog will reside. *
* We absolutely will not adopt out a dog that we are aware has attacked or bitten a human.

Come Visit Us!

Please be prepared to book an appointment! We are not always available. Email or phone at least a day in advance.

Shelter Manager & Dog Control Bylaw Enforcement Services for Penticton & Summerland

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