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Greyhaven is a non-profit society specializing in parrot rescue, refuge and adoptions whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life for companion birds through rehabilitation, compassion and the education of the general public in the care of exotic birds.


If you are interested in a particular species of parrot please fill out an application. Greyhaven keeps the applications on file. We may not have your new family member now but we never know what tomorrow may bring.

Who We Are

What is Greyhaven?


Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary is a registered non-profit society that rescues, rehabilitates and cares for unwanted, injured, orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned exotic birds. Greyhaven provides sanctuary, rehabilitation, consultations with our avian vet when health care issues arise, and a daily monitored dietary regime consisting of high quality seeds, pellets, vegetables and fruits.


Greyhaven actively promotes avian welfare and awareness in the community through educational seminars and presentations to local schools, colleges, clubs, and other organizations. Our goal to help people understand the level of devotion and commitment it takes to share one’s home with a companion bird.


No member of Greyhaven receives monetary remuneration, including its Board of Directors. Our organization is solely operated by volunteers who generously devote their valuable time to the well being of the birds that are under the care and protection of Greyhaven. We are strongly committed to the welfare of our birds, and dedicate each and every day to providing the highest level of care.


We rely entirely on donations and fundraising to defray costs. The challenge for Greyhaven is to find the resources to care for the ever-increasing number of birds entering its facility. There are over 100 birds in our care at all times. Due to the large numbers of birds and limited resources, we are forced to turn birds away almost daily. Medical expenses, food, cages, toys and essential equipment are ongoing expenses. Our current facility is inadequate. It is too small to house the number of birds in our care. We desperately need a new facility that can meet the demands of caring for these intelligent creatures. 

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Sanctuary Location:


We are open but in need of a new sanctuary location. The below address is only our mailing address not our sanctuary location.


Please call 604-878-7212 to set up a visit with the Greyhaven birds.

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