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TLC Pet Adoptions is a non-profit, run entirely on donations shelter with a no-kill policy. All cats are welcome to stay in the shelter for their entire lives, or until they are adopted into a forever home. 

The founder of this shelter, Madalynn Gilmore, has been rescuing, nurturing, rehabilitating and adopting out cats and kittens for 40+ years. She now accepts help from several volunteers, but is looking for more to join the team! 



Please note these prices are subject to change, and these fees are solely for the benefit of the shelter to pay for costs.

*Fees subject to change depending on breed or other specifics, please contact for more information.


Adult Male/Female.....................................  $140-$200

Kittens .......................................................  $175 & up


These Fees Include:
  • Spay or Neuter

  • Identification Tattoo

  • De-Worm

  • De-Flea

  • Vaccinations

  • Free Vet Check-Up

  • Adoption Certificate

  • 30 Day Guarantee

Please note, the shelter wants the adopted feline to find it's "furrever" home. If the owner feels that it is not working out, they can bring the cat back within 30 days for a 100% refund or even try with another cat/kitten that is available. It is important to the shelter for both the adopter and the feline being adopted to be happy in their new environment.

Bookings are available to visit the shelter, or individuals can email, Facebook, or call Madalynn at 604-309-5388 with what they are looking for specifically, or what kind of environment the cat/kitten may experience when being adopted, that way, the volunteers and founder can ensure that it is the right match.

TLC Pet Adoptions accepts surrenders, ALWAYS. If you or someone you know is going to move and has to give up their pet, for any reason-instead of euthanization, please contact the shelter, we are not just able to rescue from the lower mainland, but other places as well.

Surrendering a Cat/Kitten
Bookings to Visit the Shelter
30 Day Guarantee Information:


Please contact us for more information.



contact Madalynn Gilmore @ 604-309-5388 for adoptions/inquiries


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