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I dream of a place where I can be safe,
and I am free to just be me.
I dream of a place where I am loved, cherished,
and all around, I am loved for me.
I dream of a place where I can rest in peace,
and I have value, because I am just me.
I dream of a place where I can be special.
For no other reason than just because I?m me.


It has been a few years since SAINTS moved to a permanent location on three beautiful acres in Mission B.C. with a warm and cosy home, a sturdy and well constructed barn, several outbuildingsthat have been renovated plus fields to play in and ponds to swim in...we have found a little bit of heaven on earth for our very special friends. SAINTS is the first sanctuary of this kind in British Columbia. We are always looking for people who love the seniors to help care for them and make them happy. If you are able to share a bit of your self with them, please give us a call, we would love to hear from you. SAINTS has finally found a permanent home.
Any assistance to help us continue to strive for our goal in building a comfortable and safe home not only for our senior and special needs animals, but to build a model of what animal rescue can be, will be so greatly appreciated. For more information on how you can help make their dream become a reality, please contact us, thank you.

Who We Are

SAINTS is an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. We promise to love them and care for them and make their dreams come true. We work as hard as we can to find them all homes, but some will never find another home outside of SAINTS, for these special ones, we will be their family for as long as they need us.

How to Adopt

Our special friends are all looking for a family of their own. They need a home that not only understands their needs but is able to meet those needs and provide them with the love and security that only a committed family can. If you are interested in more information regarding adoption, please contact us.
Please take into careful consideration the following information when inquiring about any of the SAINTS friends. Please keep in mind that SAINTS is first and foremost a palliative care facility and rest home for very elderly animals. This means that our friends will have a variety of illnesses and disabilities like cancer, hip displaysia, congenital heart disease, arthritis, blindness, deafness etc. Being very elderly, some of the animals have become incontinent or may well become incontinent. Even if the animal is not a senior, he/she may still be palliative care for any number of reasons. Their medical conditions may not always be listed on the website so, when inquiring about one the SAINTS, do ask about the medical condition. As you can see from this note, it takes a very special person/family to take into their hearts and homes a SAINTS animal. It is not always an easy thing to do but things well worth doing are never easy.
Please note not all the animals that live at SAINTS are listed on petfinder.

How to Foster

Fostering is a special gift for both the animal and the foster family. Because of the specialized, medical needs of our animals, they are only available for fostering within a reasonable driving distance of our vet clinics. All medical care and special diets are covered by the sanctuary for our fostered animals and any special training and support will be provided to the foster family. for more information on fostering a senior or special needs animal, please contact us.
Adoption Administrator: adopt@saintsrescue.ca

Volunteer Administrator :volunteer@saintsrescue.ca

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- We are always looking for items by donation. We have compiled a wishlist of items we are in need of. If you are willing to donate any of these items to us, please email us at info@saintsrescue.ca

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