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If you can't adopt you can still make a difference by promoting the animals in shelter for adoption. Please help spread the word by posting a link to our Petfinder page on your Facebook profile (and ask a few friends to do the same). Or tweet your friends and let them know there are wonderful loving animals waiting for loving families. They don't deserve a cage!! They deserve warm comfortable homes!!

The shelter currently has an OVERWHELMING number of cats waiting for adoption . . . please help today!
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Come and learn how you can improve the lives of the dogs while they are in the shelter and help them find their new forever home. New dates are now posted! See our website for more information!

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Our Featured Dog


Molly is our truly special girl. She was surrendered to the shelter after living in a backyard for a while. Unfortunately, that sort of separation from her humans everyday life and basically forcing a dog into an isolation of sorts has a tendency to cause behavioral problems. Molly is an intelligent, driven girl who really does want to please. Thanks to our Tollie Fund our shelter has an extensive medical and behavior rehabilitation program and we were able to see and identify Molly's issues from the start.
After almost 2 months of extensive medical and behavioral intervention we are happy to say that she is finally in a position to be adopted! Molly's new forever home needs to be one with an adult family who has a love and understanding of the German Shepherd breed. They need to also be able to keep her both mentally and physically sane with different things like camping trips and dog sports.
Molly is healthy now and spayed. She is quite scared of other dogs and we are continuing her rehabilitation around them. Positive reinforcement training has worked great with her so far and we look forward to seeing her continue to progress into the happy-go-lucky girl she is destined to be!
An adult only home where she is the only pet (no cats, dogs or small animals) is required.

Our Featured Cat


Cleo and her sister Midge arrived at the shelter because their owners could no longer care for them. Midge was recently adopted and we are hoping the same can be said about Cleo. Cleo is outgoing but requires some time to warm up to new situations as she may become overwhelmed. She is a sweet and affectionate gal who enjoys chin rubs and neck scratches. Cleo seems to tolerate other cats but would probably prefer a home to herself without other pets. She is a truly special lady!! Please contact us for more information!

Our Featured Small Animal

Bunnies for adoption!

Rabbits are really fun, friendly and quirky pets! They do great as indoor pets and can be litter box trained! Not all rabbits are great with kids but out of the 30 + rabbits we have some that would do fine! Most rabbits don't like to picked up but are social and very interactive. For September & October rabbit adoption fees are waived and all we ask for is a donation (of any amount). All of the rabbits adopted from DCAS are spayed/neutered and provided with ID. An adoption application is required so that we can help you prepare for the 10 year commitment of happy rabbit ownership!?


We are always in need of kitten food as growing babies need a lot of nourishment! If you can help please contact the shelter by phone at (604) 940-7111