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Vancouver Animal Services Shelter & Services

Adopt a pet from us! These pets at our shelter are waiting for adoption.

Adopting pets

Our philosophy on adoption
Vancouver Animal Services runs a pro-adoption facility, so we make every effort to keep the animals in our care until we can find them new homes. If an animal shows stress from being in the shelter, Animal Services will look for a temporary or long term foster home. An animal would only be put down is if they are not adoptable or are not treatable.

Before you adopt

Owning a pet is a happy experience, but it's a lot of responsibility too. Be aware of everything that you will have to do if you choose to adopt a pet:
Choose the right pet for your personality and circumstances
Treat your pet well. All animals need attention, interaction, and adequate exercise
Be prepared to pay for any veterinary care that your pet needs
If you adopt a dog, you will also need to:
License your dog
Make sure it wears its collar and tag
Teach your dog basic obedience
Use a leash
Pick up after your pet

The pets we offer for adoption

We have dogs of all ages, from newborn litters to quite senior dogs. The puppies are very popular, but older dogs can be great pets too. They are smart and grateful companions and won't leave you with puppy puddles or chewed-up slippers. Why not enrich your life, as well as the life of an older dog?

Other pets
Most of the animals we have are dogs. But we also have rabbits, hamsters, budgies, and sometimes a guinea pig or even chickens! If you are looking for a smaller pet, contact us to see what we have available. (If you want to adopt a cat, contact Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, other local municipal shelters or the BCSPCA.)

So what makes a pet adoptable?

Adoptable pets are animals that don't have health issues that could seriously affect their health now or in the future. Adoptable pets also don't have behavioural issues that could pose a risk to people or other animals. Pets that could become adoptable with medical care, training, socialization, or other help are called treatable pets.

View pets available for adoption

The PetFinder website lists some of the pets that we have available right now. To view all the pets, visit Animal Services in person.

View the PetFinder listings

Adoption fees for dogs
Category Fee
Regular $275.00
Senior (7 years old or older) $84.00
Medical (ongoing medical conditions) $84.00
Taxes are extra.

The adoption fee for dogs includes:
Neutering or spaying
Six weeks of pet insurance
The first set of vaccinations
The first vet check-up
If you are a Vancouver resident, you must also buy a licence for the dog you adopt.

Learn more about dog licenses
Adoption fees for other animals

Category Fee
Budgies and finches $10.00
Chinchillas, hedgehogs, and rabbits $30.00
Ferrets $57.00
Gerbils, hamsters, mice, and rats $5.00
Guinea pigs $16.00
Lovebirds and parakeets $16.00
Taxes are extra.