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Our featured ferret is all of the ferrets! They are all too sweet to "pick a favorite". Come to our shelter... check us out!


We currently have 10 ferrets in the shelter. Only one is a permanent resident and one is our mascot. We have been blessed so far this year with adoptions.

Who We Are

Welcome to Ferret Corner Shelter and Rescue. We are a home based shelter located in Southeast Arizona. Ferret Corner has been in operation since May 2000. Since then we have placed more than 40 ferrets in forever homes. Some have had surgeries, some were nursed back to health and some we have had to help cross to the Rainbow Bridge. Part of our Mission Statement is to provide health care, house, protect and find forever homes for all ferrets. We serve all of Cochise County. We assist other shelters in our area and across the internet. All shelter ferrets are handled and loved daily and have several hours of "out time". We also "re-train" biters and help others co-exist with other ferrets and our cat and dog. We are not state funded so all funds are from donations, adoption fees or fund raisers. We are located near Sierra Vista, which is about 60 miles Southeast of Tucson, Arizona. We feel that our house (shelter) helps ferret transition from one home to the next. We have 7 of our own ferrets, ages ranging from 6 years old to 1 year old. We understand that sometimes it can take time for them to be adopted out. We don't rush into anything and we also keep in contact with the people that adopt from us. When an adoption is made we take the ferret(s) to the home and fill out the paperwork and check the home. You can look at our procedures for adoption at http://www.geocities.com/ferretcorneraz/adoptionprocess.html Also, when we take in a ferret we won't adopt them out for at least 2 weeks. This way we can make sure that the ferret is adjusting and there are no unforeseen problems with them. They also go to the vets for a check up and for any shots, if needed. The ferret cages are in our living room and bedroom. We like having them out where we are so that when we are home they are out and about. We have a gate in the hallway so they can't go back there unless we want them back there and someone watches them. The ferrets are out, on an average of 5 hours a day (more on the weekends). Now, of course they are not always awake, but we leave the cages open so that they can go back and forth. Every Monday is Ferret Grooming. We take care of nails and ears and baths if needed. On Sundays the cages and bedding all get cleaned. We try our best to ensure that all of the ferrets are happy with their environment that they are in and when they are adopted out, their sleep sack or blankie goes with them. People wishing to surrender ferrets have to fill out a surrender form for the ferrets. Ferrets that are surrendered are ADV tested before they come into the house. We have had great success in placing ferrets in new homes. We always take the ferrets needs above everything else. Ensuring that they are happy and healthy is what it is all about. We have been able to separate some ferrets, and others we keep together as groups. We don't believe in putting them through anymore stress than we have to. It is not right or fair to them. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact Shawn (shawnmcbride@ferretlovers.com) or Joanne (ferretcorner@ferretshelters.com). Or call us at (520) 456-0110.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a ferret is one that we do not take lightly. We want to ensure that the ferrets are going to a good forever home and one that they will be happy with. We do not rush into the adoption. We believe that our adoption process not only protects the ferret but also the interested party. It allows for them to fully understand what a ferret is and how their life is going to change once they have a ferret. Since we deliver the ferret to the new home it allows us to assist the new owners with potential hazards in their house and also to see how the ferret interacts in his/her new surroundings. Adopting from the shelter is a three step process. 1) There is an interview over the phone or in person with potential adopter. One of the things that we will go over is a required book called Ferrets for Dummies. We will NOT adopt out to an individual who does not have this book. We feel that the book is a great benefit to the new owner and to the ferret. Even if you have had ferrets for years, it is still a requirement of ours. 2) The adopter and family members living in the household must come to the shelter and interact with the ferret(s) and another interview will take place at that time. If the adopter decides that they are interested in a ferret they will sign paperwork for their interest in the ferret. This essentially will put the ferret on "hold". This allows you time to ensure that you have all of the basic supplies for the ferret and a chance to think over your decission. A ferret should never be an impulse "buy". They require daily interaction and supervision. The shelter reserves the right to decline potential adopters. 3) The shelter will bring the ferret to your house to do an "inspection" to make sure that the environment is safe and that the ferret will be properly cared for. At that time the adoption contract will be filled out and the Adoption fees are due. There is also another in home visit that will be done after placement (normally about 1 month later) to watch family interaction and make sure the ferret is being well taken care of. We will also want to know who your vet is at that time if you have not already specified. At any time during the adoption process the shelter reserves the right to stop the process and not adopt to the interested party. This includes, but not limited to the home visit. The shelter will try to give as much information as it can on the ferrets that it has up for adoption to interested parties. If at any time after the completion of the adoption if the new family no longer wants the ferret or the shelter finds neglect or abuse to the ferret, the ferret is to be returned to the shelter immediately.

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Ferret Corner Shelter Ferret Corner Shelter
289 Patton Street
Huachuca City, AZ 85616
Phone: (520) 456-0110

Email: ferretcorner@ferretshelters.com
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