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To prevent cruelty to animals and eliminate over-population for all domestic animals through free and/or discounted spay-neuter clinics, adoption programs, education on responsible pet ownership and leadership of the highest quality.

2012 NEWS Unfortunately after October 1st Silver Creek Humane Society will no longer be active. Pets that are listed on this pet finder account have been transferred to other humane societies or rescue organizations. We thank them for their help in saving these pets. You may go to their pet finder or organizational websites for more information.

P.O. Box 592> Holbrook, AZ 86025



Silver Creek Regional Humane society was incorporated in Snowflake, AZ in 2001 dependent upon volunteers for all areas of support. There are no Admin or staff paid positions. The rural region we cover is vast and comprised of cattle ranches, forests, mountains plus Navajo, Apache, Zuni and Hopi Indian reservations.

The organization does not own property or have the local or county or personal financial support and ability to staff and operate a shelter facility. The society is dependent on the abilities and commitment of experienced, dedicated volunteer animal lovers to foster intake pets and keep the Society mission alive and active.

VOLUNTEERS Volunteers are the vital backbone of Silver Creek Humane Society. They are professional in their commitment , coordinating and committee work. Volunteer positions include,

in home pet care and adoptions,
planning or working with yard and bake sale committee,
set up or help w/ humane society table at Chamber/community events
make phone calls to business' and volunteers
coordinate youth or school programs w/ pets responsible ownership
transport pets to veterinarian in Holbrook
collect statistics from local agencies for reference in grants applied for
willing to pick up donations for yard sales or fund raisers
will distribute and hang fund raising or event banners, posters, fliers in community email/contact newspapers/radio re: all events, sales, fund raisers etc
update websites with new information and/or photos
provide artwork/crafts for fund raisers - raffles
Recruit additional volunteers, supporters, members and donors to make all our jobs easier and to help us help homeless abused unloved critters.................................

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Silver Creek Regional Humane Society
.Br> P.O. Box 592 Holbrook, AZ. 86025
(928)554-7029 or (928)205-8027

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