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Since we get Jack Russell Terriers each day, usually as owner turn-ins for one reason or another, please feel free to call 480-391-9837 and inquire what dogs are presently available for adoption. We place both the long-legged and the short-legged JRs. All our JRS are spayed/neutered, all shots are current, Heartworm testing and vet check have been done, and all JRs have been microchipped prior to adoption. The adoption fee is $300. We also have Jack Russell mixes from time to time.


Please understand that a Jack Russell Terrier is NOT for everyone! The Jacks that you see on TV like Eddie on "Frasier" or Wishbone are media myths. Jacks are bred for foxhunting and are VERY active dogs. If you are looking for a dog to sit quietly at your feet in front of the fireplace, a Jack Russell is NOT for you! Jacks live to be 15-20 years old, so a Jack is always a puppy at heart! You may want to go to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America's website at www.terrier.com and read about these feisty little dogs. Then call JRRS at 480-391-2007 and we will email or send you an Application for Adoption immediately. A home check of the new adoptor is required as are follow-up calls.

Who We Are

Jack Russell Rescue of Scottsdale (JRRS) is an organization in Scottsdale, AZ, whose purpose is to take unwanted, abandoned, or displaced Jack Russell Terriers and place each one in an appropriate Home for Life with a new family. Educating adoptors and getting the new owners and their Jacks involved in a JRT club that meets monthly are fringe benefits of JRRS adoptions. Sue Murphree, coordinator of JRRS, will be happy to answer any questions you have about Jacks.

Adopting a friend

Why do these JRs need rescue? Sometimes it is a case of a young JR that was given to elderly parents by their children, but the dog is too active for the recipient. Sometimes a JR is lost and we are unable to find the owner. Sometimes the owner has made a wrong choice in buying a JR and is unprepared for the care required of a feisty terrier. Sometimes life situations and jobs change which make keeping the dog impractical. Many of these dogs are unwanted simply because the owner has not done the proper research before purchasing the JR and cannot provide the attention necessary for the JR. To place a JRT in rescue, all shots must be current, the dog is spayed/neutered, and heartworm testing has been done. The owner must get all this done prior to placing the JRT in rescue, or JRRS will arrange for these services but the owner will have to pay JRRS for this service. If the owner wishes to make a contribution to JRRS, we welcome a monetary gesture of thanks. When an owner calls JRRS about giving up a JR, we first try to refer the owner to a certified behavior modification expert for the purpose of helping the owner keep the JR. That failing, we take and place the JR. The former owner must complete a lengthy Dog Personality Profile which is made available to the new adoptor. The JR is then taken by JRRS and observed and evaluated by JRRS prior to placement. JRRS is not a dumping ground for people who just want to dump their Jacks.

Come Visit Us!

Appointments may be made by calling 480-391-2007. We do not have a "shopping cart" philosophy here at JRRS. We know the JRs that are available for adoption, and we know our clients - so we match the appropriate Jack to the appropriate family. You may visit our JRRS Rescue website at www.jrtconnection.com Our motto is "Why Buy a Dog when there is a Rescue Jack Russell Terrier waiting to become a member of your Family?"
Jack Russell Rescue of Scottsdale AZ
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480-391-2007

Email: rescue@jrtconnection.com
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