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We are a non-profit, all volunteer group that saves the lives of dogs that are abused, abandoned, homeless, or left in local shelters. By getting them to a safe place where they can receive proper care and love, we can help them find their forever home. We advocate for and provide education to promote responsible ownership for ALL dogs. We particularly advocate on behalf of our passion, those that need our help the most, the "Pit Bull" type dogs.

Our Mission

All-American Bully Buddies Rescue is dedicated to promoting the positive reputation of the "Bully" or "Pit Bull" type breeds. Our mission is to advocate on behalf of these breeds in all aspects. It is our intent to rescue dogs in need and place them in loving homes, while at the same time:

Educate the community about responsible ownership and proper training and care.

Work for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Educate about the benefit of spay/neuter and the prevention of overpopulation.

Combat the costly, ineffective, discriminatory practice of breed specific legislation(bsl)    while supporting responsible breed neutral laws to protect dogs and their community.

Educate and advocate for local community rescues and shelters to move to the "No Kill" model. For more information on what "No Kill" entails, please ask, as we Bully Buddies support and work with the No Kill Movement.

Our Vision

It is the goal of All-American Bully Buddies Rescue to help end the killing of healthy adoptable companion animals. Part of this goal entails putting and end to the practice of enacting breed specific legislation(bsl) which leads to the mass killing of dogs, most of which are loving family pets, simply based on the way they look and NOTHING else.

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