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Adopting A Friend

We almost always have several Airedales in rescue. Some will need a very active home and obedience training while others will be happy with a slower routine. If you are interested in learning about Airedales in foster care that might be a match for your family, please read about our adoption process.

Not all of the Airedales we have in our care are listed on the web. Once we have fostered and evaluated an Airedale, we frequently place him or her with a pre-approved home.

We need more experienced foster homes.  If you are an Airedale lover, but aren't ready to adopt, consider joining us as a volunteer.  The process to become a foster home is the same as to become an adopter.  Just note on the questionnaire that you are not ready to adopt, but are interested in fostering if an appropriate dog comes in to rescue.  Thank you!!

Adopting from a Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue volunteer requires that you complete the adoption process outlined below. It is best to be approved BEFORE you find the dog that you want so that when he or she comes along, you will be ready to adopt. You must complete and pass one step in order to move to the next one.

Step 1: Fill out an adoption questionnaire in full

Click Here for Questionnaire

Step 2: Review of your questionnaire by a Southwest Airedale Terrier volunteer to determine if it is likely one of our rescued Airedales would be a match for your home.

Step 3: Veterinary Reference Check

A SWAT volunteer will verify your veterinarian as listed on your questionnaire to ensure that your current or recent pets have received regular veterinary care, are up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered (we will not place one of our dogs in a home where there is an intact pet).

Step 4: Interview

A SWAT volunteer will contact you either via email or telephone to follow up on the information in your questionnaire.

Step 5: Home Visit

The final step of the approval process is a home visit. A home visit is when a volunteer comes to your home to determine if it is safe and acceptable for an Airedale Terrier, to meet all family members (2-legged and 4-legged) and to verify that information submitted on your questionnaire matches.

It can take some time to find a volunteer to conduct the home visit.

Step 6: Adopt

Once all of the above has been completed, when one of the Airedales in our care seems like he or she might be a match for you, we will contact you to set up a potential meeting time/place.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees are based on the age, health and temperament of the dog and can range from $100 - $500.

Recently someone asked, "Why would you charge $500 for a rescue pet? Why not just place it in a good home?" The answer is because we need adopters who are willing to support all rescue pets, not just the dog they adopt. A young, healthy dog might cost us $150-400 in vet care, and many people will want to adopt it. An older one with health issues can easily cost $500-1500 in veterinary expenses, and it may require months of foster care for rehabilitation; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee, and it may be a long time until anyone comes forward to adopt it. Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others. Most of our dogs have a sad story to tell, and some have suffered through years of neglect or abuse. We hope that you too are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by supporting them through adoption fees. Without these funds, our rescue efforts would not be possible."

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers who came to know one another through one common interest - saving the lives of Airedale Terriers.

Each volunteer takes great care in the placement of our dogs. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in the care given to our dogs. We carefully screen every home with a veterinary reference, interview and home inspection prior to approval. Placement of our dogs happens only when the correct match for the dog is found.

Each of our dogs is spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date on appropriate vaccinations, heartworm tested and microchipped prior to being adopted.

Come Visit Us

As a foster-based organization, we do not have a shelter facility.  Once you have completed the adoption process and we have a potential match, we arrange a meeting..


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