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Did You Know that Tucson2Tails is foster based, meaning all of our animals reside in residential homes with individuals or families. So your donations go directly to support the care and feeding of homeless dogs and cats. We are fortunate to currently have approximately 30 foster-homes in our system. 

We are Grateful and happy to welcome new volunteers who are interested in fostering cats as well as individuals to help at our adoption events. Email us to find out how you can help!

In the Tucson Area contact Kayla Garard at Tucson2Tails@gmail.com for any questions for further information about any of our wonderful animals.

Adopting A Friend

Every Animal has a tale to tell here at Tucson2Tails. We want to help you and your family find that new best and forever friend....Or perhaps you will offer a somewhat older, but just as lovable companion a place in your heart for years and years to come!  

We Want to Help you find the just the right pet, so please understand our interview process that lets us get to know you.  We will ask some simple questions about your lifestyle such as: ages of children, other pets, and how much time you are away from home.  We'll want to hear any preferences you have for size, personality, and energy level. 

All of This Serves to make sure you as the new adopter are prepared to safely and comfortably welcome home your new pet. Congratulations you have a new family member!!!

Who We Are

Tucson2Taiils is a new nonprofit animal welfare organization.


Our Mission is to rescue, protect, and and provide compassionate care to any animal in danger, by providing a no-kill environment, and to seek loving homes for these animals while educating the public on spay/neuter and responsible companion animal care.


Our Goal is to rescue animals in danger and adopt them into permanent loving homes. We are largely foster care based and raise funds to support their medical needs. We believe in a second chance.  Let's save more lives!


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Contact us for more information! Every  Saturday  Email is best, or You Can Find Us on Facebook or on the web at: www.Tucson2Tails.org

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