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Saving Paws will be participating in several adoption events in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area. We partner with several organizations to include Petsmart, Petco and AAWL.

EVENTS:  Several events are being planned. Will post soon!  




Adopting A Friend

"Saving Paws" works  individually with each potential adopter to assure a good match and successful placement. The specific adoption process can vary and includes: 

  • Telephone and or email consultation. 
  • Meeting  with selected animals. We request that all family members and pets be present.  
  • Adoption application and reference check.  
  • Home visit and delivery of your new friend for a three day trial.
  • Checkup at the conclusion of the trial. 
  • Completion of the adoption process. 
  • Any additional follow up or assistance required. 


Adoption fees and donations offset the extremely high cost of veterinary care, food, boarding and numerous other expenses. The fees may be adjusted to accommodate special needs, multiple adoptions, partner rescues or dogs with  exceptional popularity, degree of training or documented titles.


Who We Are


"Saving Paws" is a small rescue specializing in German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois. However, we help all dogs in need as our resources allow. We also partner with other rescues and can assist in locating your perfect pet.  

"Saving Paws” is a registered  501C3 non-profit corporation.  All staff members are volunteers and are not compensated for their time and expenses. Donations and adoption fees offset the high cost of veterinary care, food, boarding and numerous other expenses.  By adopting from “Saving Paws”, you become our partner in the rescue. You can make a difference in both financial contribution and working to save deserving animals.  Adopting a rescue dog saves two lives. The K-9 friend that you adopted and another that can be brought in by the space created. Open your heart and adopt today.   

"Saving Paws" primarily obtains dogs from local "High Kill" shelters. We are often there last chance. Several of our adoptions have become service dogs, search and rescue dogs, sport dogs,  AKC title holders and of course cherished family pets and protectors.  Please consider a rescue dog before looking at a breeder.


Come Visit Us


All adoptions are by appointment.  We do our best to be available and accommodate your schedule. However, being all volunteer, we ask for your patience and assistance in all matters. A minor inconvenience is a small price to pay for helping a dog in need. 



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