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Who We Are

We are dedicated to rescuing Newfoundlands, providing care and a loving foster home until a suitable forever home can be located. We spay and neuter all our Newfs before adoption. We also hope that through educating the public about our wonderful breed we can help ensure potential newf owners make a responsible and well informed decision about adding a Newfoundland to their home. Image Hosted by

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All of our pets are in foster homes, we do not have a shelter, but please check back often for info on events we will be attending with our newfs!
Mesquite Newfoundland Club Rescue
Phone: 480-229-2922

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Name (First and Last):
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Complete Home Address (include zip code):
How long have you been at this address?
Do You Own Your Home? Yes
If No, Please Provide Contact Information for Whom Ever You Lease or Rent From:
Are There Any Restrictions (size, number, breed, etc) on Pets Where You Live, If Yes Please List and Explain:
Do You Have A Pool? Yes
If Yes, Is Pool Fenced? Yes
Do You Have Stairs In Your Home? Yes
Do You Have a Fenced Yard? Yes
Explain Type of Fencing:
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Are you planning to move soon? Yes
If Yes, Where?
Your Occupation:
Additional Work Telephone Number?
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How Many Adults Live in Your Home?
List Names of Adults in Household:
How Many Children Live in Your Home?
List Names and Ages of Children in Household
Is Every Member of Your Household Aware of Your Intention To Adopt A Pet? Yes
Don't Know
Is This Pet Intended to be a Gift? Yes
Do You Currently Own One or More Dogs? Yes
How Many Dogs?
List Breeds, Ages and How Long You Have Had Each Dog:
Are All of Your Dogs Spayed or Neutered? Yes
Don't Know
If No, Why Not?
Please List Any Other Pets in Your Home:
Have You Ever Owned a Newfoundland Dog? Yes
Newfie Mix
If Yes, Where Did You Get Your Dog From Originally and Where is He/She Now?
Please List Any Other Dogs You Have Owned in The Past and What Happened to Each:
What Do You or Did You Enjoy Most About Dog Ownership?
If You Have Not Owned A Dog Previously, What Do You Expect From Ownership?
What Do You or Do You Think You Will Like Least About Dog Ownership?
Have You Been A Member of a Newfoundland Breed Dog Club? Yes
If Yes, Where?
Have You Ever Been a Member of a Dog Club? Yes
If Yes, Which Club?
Please Describe Your Ideal Dog:
How Did You Learn About The Newfoundland Breed?
What Do You Like Most About The Newfoundland Breed?
What Do You Like Least About The Newfoundland Breed?
Is Anyone in Your Home Allergic to Dogs? Yes
Who Will Feed, Train and Care For This Pet?
Do You Plan To Use a Dog Crate? Yes, will crate for training
No, do not believe in ever using a crate
Depends. will use if needed
Do You Currently Own a Dog Crate Big Enough For a Newfoundland? Yes
No, but will purchase
Have You or Anyone in Your Household Been Convicted of an Animal Related Crime? Yes
How Many Hours Will Your Newfoundland be Home Alone?
Where Will Your Dog be Kept When You Are Not Home?
Do You Have A Dog Door? Yes
Will install if needed
Where Will Your Pet be Kept at Night? Inside Loose
Inside Crated
Inside Gated Into One Space
Outside Loose in Yard
Outside in Dog Run
How Much Do You Anticipate Spending Annually on Caring for Your Newfoundland?
How Will You Groom Your Newfoundland? Self
Mobile Groomer
Vet Grooming
No Grooming
What do You Expect Grooming to Cost?
How Often do You Think You Will Need to Groom Your Newfoundland?
Do You Travel Frequently? Yes
Who Watches Your Pet When You Are Away?
What Type of Vehicle do You Drive?
Do You Plan to Obedience Train Your Dog? Yes
Yes, if needed
Are You Willing to House Train Your Pet? Yes, expect to work on this
No, hope not to need to
Will only adopt a 100% potty trained dog
Are You Hoping to Adopt: Male
Are You Willing to Adopt a Newfoundland Mix? Yes
Depends on what mixed with
Age Range Preference:
Color Preference:
Are You Wiling to Adopt a Dog With Special Medical Needs? Yes
Depends, maybe
Never, can not commit to a special need
Are You Willing to Adopt a Shy Dog? Yes
Depends on severity
Are You Willing to Adopt a Previously Abused or Neglected Dog? Yes
Depends on Severity
Are You Willing to Adopt a Dog With Behavioral Problems Requiring Special Training? Yes, will commit
Maybe, depends on issue
No, never
Are You Aware Newfoundlands Are BIG Slobberers? Yes
Are You Aware Newfoundlands Shed Heavily? Yes
Provide Veterinary Contact Information:
List Two Personal References:
How Did You Find Us (if internet, please list site)?
I am Aware That by Marking Yes and Submitting This Form I am Acknowledging All Information Above is Correct and True. Yes

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