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Rescue A golden of Arizona is the oldest established Golden Retriever rescue in the State of Arizona. We have successfully found new homes for about 3.000 beautiful Goldens since our founding in 1988. You can see currently available dogs on our Adoptable Pet list.

Who We Are

RAGofAZ rescues Golden Retrievers in need and finds new, permanent homes for them. We spend considerable time and resources on educating the public about the breed, about responsible dog ownership, and about rescue efforts. RAGofAZ incorporated in October, 1998, and is an authorized charitable organization. RAGofAZ distributes informational flyers to local veterinarians and pet stores, and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Golden Tales, for all members. Goldens are given up by their owners for a variety of reasons. Many of these wonderful dogs have medical conditions that are treatable, although sometimes expensive. We, at RAGofAZ, never turn a Golden Retriever away, unless it has exhibited aggressive tendencies. We place the Golden in a foster home, have him treated medically and adopt him to a qualified, loving and permanent home. RAGofAZ is a non-profit, charitable organization run by a board of directors. Every penny received from contributions goes directly back into the organization to pay veterinary and medicine bills. There is no doubt your contribution will be directly responsible for helping a Golden Retriever to receive medical help and finally to find a permanent home in which to live out its days.

Adopting a friend

Please see our website for information about how to adopt and the necessary application forms. We are also always in need of foster homes, which are the first stop for rescued Goldens. Often, they are also the last stop because the fosters fall in love with their guests (who would not?) and become the adoption family.

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Rescue A Golden of Arizona
P.O. Box 71987
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Phone: 602-404-9663

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