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Max is a wonderful loving boy once he gets used to you
He must be in a home with no other cats - he will fight


We have a number of beautiful Chausie cats waiting for loving forever homes. Please check our listings.

Who We Are

Please note: Our cats are located in foster homes throughout the US. Please check each listing to see where the cat is located. We will ship to your location if required (shipping fees paid by the adopter)

Our Mission at Chausie Rescue is to place healthy, well socialized Chausie cats that are in need of a new home, into loving, nurturing environments where they can be part of the family. Our primary goal is to make sure no Chausie ever needs to go through the trauma of being placed in an animal shelter.

Organization Profile
Chausie Rescue was founded to ensure any Chausie cat that ever needs a new home will be well cared for, medically checked and healthy while a forever home is located for them.

Members of the Chausie Rescue are dedicated Chausie breeders and Chausie owners that love and respect this incredible breed of cats.

Contact Us
If we can assist you with finding your perfect cat, or if you have, or know of someone that that has a Chausie that needs to be placed, please contact us. If you should ever see one in a shelter please call us and we will immediately go to work and get the cat into one of our foster homes.

Contact Information

Adopting a friend

If you wish to adopt one of our cats please visit our website
We have an online adoption form that needs to be completed. Once received the person who has the cat you are interested in will contact you.
Chausie Rescue
PO Box 212

Pine, AZ 85544
Phone: 928-476-2687

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