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We are a non-profit organization and rely on fund raising and donations from the general public to help us carry on saving the lives of these animals. We are always looking for volunteers and foster homes. Supplies, dog food and especially cash donations are always greatly appreciated!

OUR MISSION: Our goal is to save the lives of animals that are being needlessly destroyed, to shelter homeless or unwanted pets, provide emergency medical care when necessary, spay and neuter, provide food and medical care and provide shelter until an appropriate permanent home can be located with a devoted family. All the animals that come into our care are treated like a member of our family. They are vaccinated, neutered/spayed and micro chipped before going to their new homes. They are also temperament tested so we can find them that perfect family where they will be safe and happy for the rest of their lives.

OUR PROMISE/COMMITTMENT: We will do our best to match the right dog to the right people for a rewarding lifelong relationship for everyone.

OUR STAR K9 OF THE SHELTER: Harley is our star of the year!!! This 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier is one very exceptional canine. She came to us from a home in east valley, where there were just too many dogs for the household. She lived at our shelter for several years, but was recently adopted to a handicapped individual. Without any special training, just a lot of common sense and a great deal of sensitivity, she has become a perfect companion dog for this gentleman in a wheelchair. She is totally devoted to her new master, and will do anything for him. She follows all commands without question or hesitation. The owner will soon be working with her to learn specific commands for his specialized needs... which will be an easy task for this bright girl! Harley is truly our star of the year - we are all extremely proud of Ms. Harley!!!

K-9 Friends
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Phone: 480-946-5959

Email: twotenpets@aol.com
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