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Who We Are

AZ Corgi Rescue is a home fostering rescue organization for Welsh Corgis in Arizona. We were established in June of 2004 and are dedicated to the placement of homeless Corgis, both Pembrokes and Cardigans. We accept Corgis on a case by case basis, both from shelters and private citizens. We are in the process of becoming an incorporated, not-for-profit organization.

Adopting a friend

To adopt a Welsh Corgi from AZ Corgi Rescue, we require the completion of an adoption application, a home visit, and a donation, as listed on the application. All Corgis are placed only in approved homes, and are fully vetted and neutered before leaving AZ Corgi Rescue. Most rescued Corgis are fostered for a minimum of a two week period, and all information known and learned about the Corgi is shared with the prospective adopter.

Please note that we are now only placing dogs within the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, areas.


We will be adding news here as events warrant.

AZ Corgi Rescue
Phoenix, AZ

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