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If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email if you have any questions. Our rescue operates from an application found on our website at We use the adoption application for our foster application. If you prefer not to fill out an application before contacting us, please read the application before contacting us. We need to know your experience with giant schnauzers or large working dogs, other dogs and sex in your family, if children are living in the home and their ages, and the energy level of the humans in the home and the amount of exercise the humans get. That will help us for starters. Thank you!

Owning a Giant Schnauzer

The giant schnauzer is a high energy and extremely intelligent companion. The giant schnauzer is NOT a larger version of a mini schnauzer. In the right home the giant is a wonderful dog. The right home consists of a person or people who are willing and able to deal with this breed's independent thinking and playfulness. They have a very dominant personality and a bold, in in-your-face attitude. Giants can be a handful even for experienced, working dog owners. Owning a giant is for people who love a daily challenge for the life of the dog. Giants do not necessarily mature and calm down at a certain age.

The keys to living successfully with a giant schnauzer include training, socialization, and providing both physical and mental stimulation daily. Giant schnauzers need all of these to become well-mannered dogs, and they need them in abundance. The breed is well known for its intelligence, and they can be easily trained when their people are firm and consistent. This training cannot be harsh. Their human must understand how to control the giant without getting angry.

Giants are NOT outdoor dogs. They must live indoors with their owners. They can become quite destructive if they do not receive enough exercise and stimulation daily. Apartments are not good homes for a giant unless the owner is devoted to at least twice daily, vigorous exercise with their dog. A dog park alone is not the answer. While a dog park can provide a lot of exercise, it is suggested that a giant not be taken to one until the owner has a firm recall of the giant and has checked out the dogs at the dog park. Many people will not take their dogs to a dog park for numerous reasons. A small one with few dogs would be the best choice or going when there are not many other dogs at the park.

Rescued giant schnauzers are among the more dominant breeds and not recommended for homes with young children under the ages of 8 to 10. A giant must be socialized with people, other dogs and other animals. Some giants can live peacefully with smaller dogs or cats, but you must not leave them together if unsupervised. They must be slowly integrated into the family. Until then, one must be crated or stay in a separate room when the owners are not home. Giants with high prey drive may never be able to live with cats or small dogs.

A giant can be distrustful of strangers. A giant schnauzer is protective of both home and family and very willing to defend them with intimidating fierceness. When the giant is not in protection mode, he's a playful and affectionate companion.

In summary, a giant can be your best friend or your worst enemy if not properly trained and socialized. The intelligence of a giant can pose a challenge to the inexperienced owner. Giant schnauzers require consistent and firm guidance throughout their entire lives. Without it, they're quite capable of thinking for themselves and running the household the way they think it ought to be run. Obedience training is required for both the giant and the giant's owner. An experienced and qualified trainer can help the owner prevent problems.

VSGSR will be happy to talk to you about adopting a giant schnauzer. Our intent is to find the perfect home the first time and avoid the pain of dealing with failed adoptions. We do this for the love of the breed. Most members of Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue have more than one giant that we personally own and wouldn't have it any other way or any other breed. The giant schnauzer has stolen our hearts and we want only the best for the dogs that come into our care.

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Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue is a group of volunteers who are interested in educating people about giant schnauzers. We take in giant schnauzers who need a forever home. Our Mission is to rescue Giant Schnauzers in need, provide medical care, and foster these dogs until we find forever homes. We strive to find permanent, loving homes that are best suited to each dog. Each rescue dog receives a complete wellness check-up. This includes complete physical exam, general blood panel, screening for heartworms, Valley Fever, and Tick Fever. Appropriate treatments are administered as required. All dogs are micro-chipped and groomed. All dogs are spayed or neutered before placement. Foster homes evaluate temperament, training, and any behavior issues. Dogs receive training if needed and the dogs are matched with an appropriate home.

We raise money for our Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue through a button on our website.

If we don't have a giant in rescue right now, we do work with other rescue groups around the country and will forward your application to the appropriate rescue group.

We are looking for foster homes for giant schnauzers. We need homes that are experienced with large dominant breeds. Several of these dogs do just fine with other dogs and others don't. They don't because they have been kenneled most of their lives and used for breeding purposes. They just need some time and some love and someone to act as alpha with them until they learn the ropes. Please contact us at if you might be interested or know someone who might be interested in fostering.


We have an application that needs to be filled out and that can be done at We do home checks before adoptions are completed. Please visit our website to fill out an application to adopt a giant schnauzer. Our adoption fees range from $150 to $350. Most of our dogs are placed in the state of Arizona, but we will sometimes under special circumstances adopt elsewhere. If the giant needs to be transported, those costs will be up to the adopter. We do homechecks and will find someone in your area to do the homecheck and also to act as a backup for us in case the adoption should not work out.

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We are always looking for people who would like to be involved in rescue in some way. Whether it is helping us foster, transport, take the dogs to classes, work on fundraising, work on our website, and many other ways. If you are interested in helping in any way, please email us at We would love to hear from you. Email is the best way to contact us at
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