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ANNOUNCEMENT:  We are planning another rummage sale for next month, sooner than we'd like but we need to raise funds. We can use any furniture, clothing, electronics, tools, toys, etc. Email us if you can donate any items.

FEATURED PET: Our featured pet is Your Pet; please keep your little fur-kids safe this summer; NEVER leave your pet in the car! Even with the windows cracked, the temperature can reach 120 degrees within 15 minutes. Your friend will not survive that heat!


We are in dire need of volunteers to do home visits prior to adoptions. If you are interested, we will be happy to train you on what to look for. Email us for more info.

Health Watch: Please note all the following:
(1) there are two distinct Parvo seasons in AZ; spring into summer and summer into fall. Please be sure your dogs are protected against this killer disease, especially if you take your pal to public doggy parks.

(2) We are number one in the nation for new cases of West Nile Virus; this should tell you how many dang mosquitoes we have here. It only takes one bite from one infected mosquito to give you pal heart worms. Please have your pal heartworm tested (it's cheap) and give your dogs their monthly heartworm preventative religiously. We prefer Heartgard; we advise against the multi-month injectible.

(3) MONSOON season means only one thing to doggie folks: VALLEY FEVER! All that wind and dust and moisture kick spores up into the air; once inhaled, each spore blossoms into a hellacious fungal infection. Although there is not usually a cure, early treatment is key . Please get your dog tested twice each year; in September and in February (after the monsoons). Twice yearly testing's a lot cheaper than treating a rip-roarin' case of VF. Thank you!

Who We Are

We started in 1999 as a one person rescue, quietly saving one cocker spaniel at a time in honor of beautiful Simone La Bone. She was a stunningly gorgeous and all-around wonderful red/white Parti Girl who died far too young at age four. Over the last year, we have grown to 5-6 regular volunteers and 2 occasional transporters.

In Simone La Bone's honor, and to honor all the doggies we have loved, we accept cocker spaniels and other small dogs who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless. We accept doggies turned in by their owners when circumstances don't allow them to keep their pets. We accept strays and doggies from the county shelters and anyone given to us by the AZ Humane Society. We accept doggies from out of state, even though we only adopt within the state of AZ. Finally, since we are now whelping experts , we accept pregnant small breed or small mixed breed dogs .

We will never refuse to accept a dog into our rescue just because the owner cannot afford to give us a surrender donation. Our funding comes entirely from adoption donations and our own shallow pockets. Please note that we are not a 501c3 Non-Profit corporation, so any free will donation you might care to make to our dogs will not serve as a tax deduction for you.

Adopting a friend
Our mission is to be sure that the dogs in our care are never homeless again. Therefore, we exert our best efforts to ensure a perfect match between the dog and the applicants. Home visits prior to adoption are required and will be arranged after a completed application has been approved by our adoption committee.

In some cases, the dog will accompany our home inspection team to meet the applicant. We honor any clearly expressed preference the dog may have for one family over another, all other things being equal. If all goes well, an adoption may be awarded at the time of the introduction.

Generally, we do not adopt to families with children under the age of 10, for the sake of all concerned. Exceptions may be made, depending on our knowledge of the dog.

We all work full time so please be patient and allow us at least 24-48 hours to reply to your email. We're usually quicker, but need your understanding if we can't be.

There is a nonrefundable adoption donation upon adoption of $325.00 for adults and seniors and $425.00 + for puppies 13 months and under. This helps to offset expenses.

We generally make only in-state adoptions and much prefer Maricopa County; however, we have, when it was the most perfect match for the dog, adopted some of our most beloved rescued doggies to folks residing in more distant AZ counties, New Mexico, California and Denver, CO.

We will never ship a dog anywhere, so please don't even ask us.

We regret that we cannot "hold" dogs for you; once your application is submitted, please be prepared to meet and adopt the dog quickly; other homeless dogs, who might otherwise be euthanized, are waiting for rescue space. We thank you immensely for your understanding.

Flying Paws
Please check out to learn how you can help this awesome volunteer enterprise save more pets' lives. Planes and pilots in all areas of the country are needed to transport animals in need of sanctuary, rescue or veterinary care.

About Fostering
If you are interested in fostering, please know that we provide all the supplies your foster furkid will need; premium food, bed, toys, crates, harnesses, leashes, training, bowls, medications, grooming, vet care, and so on. All that's needed is your safe and loving home, a fenced back yard, occasional transportation to and from appointments, and participation on your foster kid's adoption committee; after all, you'll know your foster doggie better than the rest of us!

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