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Who We Are

RESCUE is an acronym that stands for Reducing Euthanasia at Shelters through Commitment and Underlying Education. When RESCUE began in February of 1995, it was nothing more than one individual's passion for saving the lives of animals who, through no fault of their own, found themselves awaiting certain death on the euthanasia lists at the Maricopa County animal shelters in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time of RESCUE's inception these two county-run shelters had one of the highest euthanasia rates per capita in the country. After 17 years of working together to reduce those statistics, we consider Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Services one of our most important partners.

Today our primary focus continues to be the adult cats and dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized. We operate with the philosophy that for every animal placed, we are back at Animal Care and Control to rescue another. The passion that began RESCUE has resulted in a volunteer-driven non-profit corporation with over 250 dedicated volunteers who have helped us care for and place over 10,000 wonderful cats and dogs.

With no facility of our own, our greatest irony is that we're as homeless as the animals that we are helping! Instead of limiting us, that fact has driven us to create the model of a 21st Century "virtual shelter". We are mobile, flexible, customer service-oriented, and most importantly, focused on doing what is in the best interest of our animals. Once freed from the threat of death, our animals are evaluated, examined by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and ultimately placed in a loving and permanent home.

Adopting a Friend

There are three easy steps to adopt one of our wonderful pets. Learn how here.
Please realize that we are located in Arizona. As a rule, someone from any state can adopt, but they must be willing to travel here to meet the animal to ensure there is a match. Our MatchMaking process is set up to ensure the best match between family and pet, and keep return rates low. We do NOT ship animals and always realize the drive or flight back to another state would be very stressful on the newly adopted pet. Since every state battles its own euthanasia nightmare, we usually direct people to their local animal shelters. Petfinder can help you locate shelters and animals in your area.

Our Adoption Services fee is $125 for cats and $150 for dogs. All of our cats are spayed or neutered and have tested negative for feline AIDS and feline leukemia (two of the most prevalent fatal cat diseases). All of our dogs have also been spayed or neutered, received their rabies vaccine and have been licensed with the County. This services fee is not an adoption fee but rather an attempt to help offset the investment we have already made in our animals. Our monthly veterinary bills are in the tens of thousands of dollars every month and these Adoption Services fees only begin to cover our costs. Any additional donation you can make is fully tax-deductible and helps ensure that we can continue our work for the animals.

Come Visit Us!

You can see all of our animals by visiting our On-line Cat Adoption Center and On-line Dog Adoption Center.
Our Volunteer Program offers everyone an opportunity to fully demonstrate his or her passion for animals.
We also offer a variety of ways for the community to show its support through our innovative Donation Programs. RESCUE offers a way for everyone to get involved. The needless euthanasia of cats and dogs is a community problem, and the ultimate solution for the animals is inextricably linked to human commitment. Please find a way to participate in our vision!

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4747 East Elliot Road #29-415
Phone: 480-598-9410

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