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Come by The Humane Society for Animals Inc. located in Rogers, Arkansas and see the animals we have available for adoption.

Address: 407 E. Nursery Road Rogers, AR 72756

Phone: (479) 636-3703

Hours Open: Wed - Fri: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm Sat: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm Sun: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Phillip the Fabulous came to his Humane Society foster home from a rescue in south Arkansas. His original owners had neglected and deserted him, leaving him homeless and starving. This marvelous canine has left his past behind and has transformed into a healthy, loving, caring companion animal with a genuine enjoyment of life that shines through his deep brown soulful eyes. Phillip has a gentle temperament and is an instant friend to every human and canine he meets. He continually displays a joyful appreciation of his new life experiences and shows his love of touch as he snuggles next to you while sharing some popcorn and a movie. His favorites are Turner and Hooch and Marley and Me. Phillip enjoys riding shotgun in your car with his head out the window sniffing the invisible world. He was voted the most intelligent canine in his 6-week dog training class. He is also house trained, good with cats and likes to respectfully sit in the kitchen awaiting the appearance of an accidental treat. Phillip will be your shadow, your best friend and the most loyal companion you could ever hope for. Phillip the Forgotten has become Phillip the Fabulous. Phillip is being sponsored by the Humane Society while he resides with his foster family. If you would like more information about this canine, please contact Paul or Ellen at 479-936-8071. “The Journey of Phillip the Forgotten to Phillip the Fabulous in 30 Days” is also portrayed on an entertaining blog which can be accessed at wackedoutonweeds.wordpress.com where you can read more about his adventure.


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COME ON DOWN TO THE SHELTER We are always behind on our Petfinders listings. We only have about half of our pets listed on this site that are available for adoption. YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND MAY BE WAITING FOR YOU!

  If you have lost your dog and you live in 'rural Benton County' or in a rural subdivision, or even at the edge of a city or town, the chances are good that your lost pet was picked up by County Animal Control. These dogs are taken to the Humane Society. Every month, we get a hundred or more- many are purebred. Some have collars;some know tricks; but, none of them can help us find their owners. The problem is enormous, expensive, and heartbreaking. It would help if you would find a way to write or fasten your phone number on the collar or harness so we can call you and get these pets back home where they belong. Understand that un-neutered males and females will not stay home. Females can conceive even when kept behind chain link fencing. If you have any questions, give us a call at 636-3703. We believe every home needs a pet but only if every pet has a caring MASTER WHO IS IN CHARGE.

Doris Clark, Humane Society Board Member

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Looking for your lost pet, or looking to adopt your next family member, please also visit the other shelters and rescue groups in our local area.

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