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  • Our rescue Boxers will only be placed as "inside" dogs
  • We prefer that you have a fence to contain your dog however we will make exceptions under proper conditions  
  • Your existing pets must be altered
  • Your Boxer must be kept on heartworm preventive and receive regular vet care
  • Obedience training is required for some Boxers and suggested for all
  • Who We Are

    Welcome to BoxAR Rescue . . . . . .

    Our Mission is the rescue of the purebred Boxer dog.  We are a 501C3 not-for-profit organization created solely for the rescue and protection of the Boxer breed.  Specifically, we take in abandoned, owner-surrender and shelter dogs who would otherwise be destroyed.  We take them into our homes or carefully screened foster homes, provide the necessary health care, evaluate temperaments and then place them with loving, qualified families.

    Our donation fee is dependent upon the age of the Boxer and is applied towards general physical examination, spay/neuter surgery, all shots, worming, heartworm testing (and treatment, when necessary) as well as the daily care and upkeep of each Boxer before adoption.  This fee is also applied toward the Boxers who require additional medical care due to abuse and/or neglect.

    Another goal we have is to educate against pet stores, puppy mills and the over-breeding of Boxers.  Many times the Boxer comes from just such a background.  They may also come from a home that did not take the time to properly train and, in turn, caused the dog to develop bad habits.  We seriously encourage our adopters to consider obedience training.

    We hope that when you choose your next pet, you will consider rescue - and help change the world - one Boxer at a time!


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