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The West Memphis Animal Shelter is going thru many changes right now.  Building projects to help the animals have a less stressful experience at the shelter, new staff members, building improvements and much more.  Come visit us weekdays from 10a-5p and on Saturday's 9a-12 noon.  
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MARS: My Animals aRe Sterilized is a non profit organization dedicated to protecting the life and health of Crittenden County's Pet Population by providing subsized pet spaying and neutering to the residents of Crittenden County, Arkansas.

P.O. Box 1304, Marion, AR 72364

Phone: 501-266-8243

Email: marspets@yahoo.com

Website: marsofccar.org

Facebook: MARS of Crittenden County AR



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Adopting A Friend

All our adoptions are screened.  We do not perform same day adoptions, rather an application to adopt must be filled out and then left at the front desk or by email, wmas@citywm.com.  Once a completed application has been received and an animal has been chosen, the application is reviewed by the adoption advisor and the process could take 24-48 hrs before you are contacted, please be patient.  Veterinary references are most helpful if you currently have a pet in the home or have owned one in the past, sterilization of animals already in the home are mandatory, a fence/property check must be completed (we do not adopt into homes with no fencing), if renting, landlord will be notified so we will need a contact number to verify applicant indeed can adopt said animal.  All animals adopted from the West Memphis Animal Shelter must be sterilized according to Arkansas State Law.

*Copy & paste below text into a new email, fill out and email to wmas.lovesanimals@att.net

West Memphis Animal Shelter

Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet from West Memphis Animal Services.  We want to place our animals in permanent responsible homes and at the same time match you with a pet that is suitable for your family and your lifestyle.

What are you looking for?      DOG___ PUPPY___ CAT___KITTEN___      

 Pet's Shelter Name: ______________________


 Spouse Name:           

 Are you over the age of 21? YES___ NO___

Number of people in your household: 

Number of children and their ages:




Home phone: 

 Work phone:

Cell phone:

Email Address:

Do you own your own home? YES___ NO___

How long have you lived at the above address?

Do you live in a: House___ Apartment___ Condo___ Mobile Home___ Duplex___ Town House___

If you rent, does your lease allow pets?  YES___ NO___ Don’t Know____

How many pets are allowed? ___          Pet Deposit Required? YES___ NO___

Landlord Name or realty company:

Landlord Phone Number:

Do you have pets now? 

 Dogs___ How many? __________

Cats___ How many? __________

Were any pets adopted from WMAS? YES___ NO___

Another shelter? YES___ NO___ If yes, where?

What is the name of your Veterinarian?

Veterinarian Phone:

Date of last visit?

Under whose name are the animal’s medical records going to be listed under?

Are your pets on monthly preventative for heartworms? YES___ NO___

If no, why not?

How long has it been since last Feline Leukemia exam?

Will you declaw the new cat? YES___ NO___ Unsure___

Is your yard completely fenced in? YES___ NO___

How tall is your fence: _____ ft.  Fencing material is made of:

If you don’t have a fence, how will you keep the dog contained onto your property?

Where will the animal primarily be kept? Indoors____ Outdoors____

Indoors mostly with outside on nice days________

How many hours daily will the pet be left unsupervised?              

 Will you crate train? YES___ NO___

Are you financially prepared for any unexpected expenses such as an emergency or chronic illness?  YES___ NO___ Unsure___

The information I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that West Memphis Animal Services reserves the right to approve or reject this application.  By signing below, I hereby give permission for the release of my animal health records both past and present to the West Memphis Animal Shelter and their Adoption Staff personnel.


Current Pet(s)


Name & Breed



Spayed or Neutered / Vet

UTD on Yearly Vaccines

Heartworm Medication













































Previous Pet(s) If you have had pets within the past ten (10) years, please complete chart below.  In the column, “What happened,” write why the pet is no longer with you.  (If pet died, list cause of death)


Name & Breed



Spayed or Neutered

What happened to Previous Pet

{Gave away. Sold. Surrendered to shelter. Abandoned. Ran away. Died, Etc.}







































Applicant’s Signature                                                                  Date

Co-Applicant’s Signature                                                           Date





Who We Are

Our Mission is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of citizens and animals of the City of West Memphis by responsibility and humanely enforcing state and local animal related laws.

To provide a safe, temporary shelter for lost, abandoned, abused and injured animals. To ensure a vigorous adoption program to help find animals a forever home. To educate the public about responsible pet ownership, as well as city and state laws and to participate in public service activites.

We try very hard to place as many adoptable animals into new homes or with rescue groups but remember we do have to euthanize sometimes and that is based on temperament, health, age and sometimes space available at the shelter.

Come Visit Us


DIRECTIONS TO WEST MEMPHIS ANIMAL SHELTER located at 500 South Loop Road, West Memphis, AR 72301

From Broadway/US HWY 70, we are located at the intersection of South 8th Street/South Loop Road.  Go straight through the four way stop at South 8th/ E. Jackson intersection.  Continue and cross over two (2) sets of RR tracks.  At your second four way stop (S. 8th/S. Loop) make a right turn onto South Loop.  Continue about a quarter to mile and we are the first driveway on the right, look for double gate on right.

From I-40, take the Martin Luther King exit.  At the end of the ramp, make a left turn.  Continue straight going over I-55 overpass and coming to a red light at MLK/Broadway. (Poncho’s will be on the left) Go straight thru light.  You are now on South Loop which will carry you all the way around to the shelter.  You will cross over RR tracks and at the four way stop you will continue straight.   Continue about a quarter mile and we are the first driveway on the right.

From I-55, Exit ramp for Broadway will be in the left hand lane.  Take the exit and make a left at the red light. (Broadway/S. Loop) (Pancho’s Restaurant will be on the right).  You are now on South Loop which will carry you all the way around to the shelter.  You will cross over RR tracks and at the four way stop you will continue straight.   Continue about a quarter mile and we are the first driveway on the right, look for double gate on right.  Enter and the shelter is the first building on the right.

From South Avalon, cross over the RR Tracks and veer to the left where road turns into Dabbs Road.  Making a right in the curve and over the RR Tracks, continue straight for just about a mile then  make a left onto South Loop intersection.  Continue for about 1.5 miles and shelter entrance is on the left just past the Fair Grounds/Horse Arena.  Shelter is 1st building on the Right.

All photos are the property of the West Memphis Animal Shelter.  Unauthorized use of photos are expressly forbidden.




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